Monday, June 15, 2009

The New Derek Hartley

So I was in Indianapolis this past weekend for Indy Pride and listeners were pleasantly surprised to see me shirtless and looking sexy in the Indy Pride Parade. Only problem. I was not shirtless, sexy or there. This is a hot local guy named Nate (I've heard) and I didn't know I had a car in the parade. However, I am happy that I was replaced by someone so hot. I think he should play me at all future public appearances since it will definitely add to the listener experience to have this in mind when you hear the show.

Photos courtesy of Doug Peters! Thanks Doug.


  1. Your so much better look Derek
    Just like I said on your facebook, I was more than pleasantly surprised

  2. On the monday regurg show you mentioned about kids that are used playing video games to win wars look up a book for kids called Ender's Game