Monday, June 15, 2009

My Visit To The OutQ Studio At SiriusXM

Hey Bitches!, I figured I would post some photos from my visit last Wednesday to the Derek & Romaine show. Just in case you ever sat listening to The Bitches wondering what the studio looks like or what Greg, The Cupcake is doing or just how lovely Mistress Sam looks, here's the photographic evidence. Up first, we have a picture of the table Derek and Romaine sit at while doing the show. It's a boomerang shaped table with a couple of computers (the one pictured is Derek's), several microphones and lots of technology sitting behind it, which is where Greg stands and plays our favorite bots, clips and makes sure everything is running smoothly. You've often heard The Bitches say that the sit very far away from each other while doing the show. I have to admit, at this table, they might as well be in different zip codes. They really, due to the shape of the table and all of the equipment in between them, can't even see each other without making standing up or stretching out. That just goes to the chemistry between them that we all love and need like crack. As you can see in the picture to the right, Romaine is nowhere to be found, but if you look at the main pic at the top of the post, she is there on the other end of the table. It was very interesting watching everyone doing their jobs, their were some technical difficulties that were smoothly taken care of by Greg, Sam and Patti Intern 2. After the show Derek and Romaine told me that any other show would have fallen apart, but they have the best staff at SiriusXM (high praise, indeed). I have to admit, it was truly an exciting experience being on the show and I hope Derek & Romaine will allow me to come back and do it again sometime. It really was a lot of fun.

Some of the other fun things about the SiriusXM Studios was "The Fishbowl", that's the studio in the lobby that special musical guests and celebrities like Barbara Walters do their shows from. While in the lobby of SiriusXM, I did get to see a celebrity or two. Anthony Michael Hall (Weird Science, The Breakfast Club) held the door for me when I was coming in. Cousin Brucie said hello to me as he walked through, and Father Dave from The Catholic Channel, Sirius 159, XM 117 came by and after trying to molest him, I asked him for a picture. There is only one word to describe him....Yummy, I totally get Derek's crush now. (Make sure you go say 10 "Our Fathers" after abusing yourself to his picture.

I did get to explore, both on my own, and with Mistress Sam as my tour guide, the offices of Our Saviors, Derek and Romaine, and I have to admit, was cleaner than I expected. I also got to see the prize cabinets that we all wish we could raid (Guess What Bitches, I Did!!) I saw the door to the Howard Stern studios, which, according to Mistress Sam, is the most she's ever seen of it as well. Apparently, you have to have special access to get by it, which, not many people have.

At the end of the evening, when Romaine, Sam, Greg and I were heading out to go get drunk on Blue Moon's at one of the pubs in Times Square. I got to see the GLAAD Award that Derek & Romaine won for 10 Years Later: The Lasting Legacy Of Matthew Shepard. It is displayed in a huge glass case with all the other awards won by SiriusXM, the only problem I had was that it was on the bottom shelf, THE BOTTOM SHELF? REALLY!!? Well Bitches, I have to run, but I will be posting a lot more regularly when I get my replacement wireless dongle from my cell company, they were going to make me pay for another after mine was stolen, but thanks to the wise words of Romaine Patterson, threatening to take your service to another company will get them to give you a new one for free. I just have to wait to get home to get it in my mail. Later Bitches.

Trucker James


  1. Wow! Thanks for the virtual tour, Trucker James. That's so interesting!

    And Father Dave, while not the hottest catholic priest I've ever seen, certainly is easy on the eyes.

    I look forward to regular updates, and I hope they let you do this again!

  2. Thanks for posting the pics, brought back memories!!! I got to sit in back in '07 and it was a blast. They really are a well oiled machine and nothing seems to phaze them. Is the fuzzy blue chair still in the corner? That is where I sat. I'd love to do it again as well but I probably bored the hell out of them just sitting there staring at them and watching Derek eat his subway sandwich LOL.

  3. Hey Trucker James you're cute! So is Greg! Derek's cute too but he looks like he's getting a bad blow job. And check out Father Dave... yum! I'll go pious for him!

  4. Dave is definitely cute, I wish he was Gay. Sigh. Greg really doesn't look bad in the least. I don't get why you bitches call him a fatass.

  5. trucker jj says hi and you guys have the best show on radio, we appreciate the hard work you all due and just wanted to say thanks. my wife thinks romaine is hot.