Sunday, June 21, 2009

Derek & Romaine at Columbus Pride 2009

Hey Bitches. Columbus Pride 2009 ended up being a really spectacular event. More than 180,000 people attended the largest pride festival in Ohio, ever!!. Derek & Romaine, were fabulous as the Emcees this year. During the festivities, I had the pleasure of meeting other listeners like Mama Missy & Baby Rachel, our beloved Tranny-Lesbians that are into Infantilism, Jeremiah from Indiana, Trucker Elise, Trucker Patti and Logan from Pittsburgh just to name a few. It truly was a very special event. The Bitches, not only owned the stage, but they were the highlight of the event.

Later in the evening, Derek, Romaine, Shawn from Columbus, Trucker Patti & myself enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Union Cafe. I may have accidentally (uh-huh) taken a picture of Derek eating some hummus. Not only was the picture of Mr. Hartley eating, but it was also from a profile view (his least favorite side). The bids for this picture to ever see the light of day start at $100, payable to The Matthew Shepard Foundation. Also at dinner Trucker Patti with her massive purse, knocked a rather large glass of water into Derek's lap, it was truly hilarious for everyone except Derek and Patti.

After dinner we all trekked over to Axis Nightclub for Dragapalooza where Lady Bunny, on drag time (1 1/2 hours late), was sensational. Fortunately, Romaine did not get to see Bunny with a dick in her mouth, like at the 2008 GayVN Awards. The show was fantastic. Local Queens were fierce, especially Miss Nina West, 2008 National Entertainer of the Year, my hometown Dayton, Ohio's own Rubi Girls, Miss Ohio Gay Pride 2009, Ms. Penny Tration from The Adonis Nightclub in Cincinnati among many, many more.
It was so much fun, at one point I wanted to dress up like Tina Turner. After the show, Romaine's feet needed to be rested, so she left Derek, Shawn, Patti and myself to drink, solve gay problems, try to pick up "straight" friends of listeners and gossip about her, it was so much fun. (The last picture is Mike, Logan in Pittsburgh's "straight" friend I referred to earlier, isn't he hot?). I ended up having to leave to get my car out of valet, so I left at 2am to recover and be ready for the Bat N' Rouge the next day, but that's a whole other post. Later Bitches.

Trucker James


  1. Looks like a WHOLE lotta fun! Sorry I missed out.....great job Trucker James :)

  2. Great post, Trucker James! And yes, Mike IS hot.

    I would love to see that photo of Derek, too...if only I had $100.

  3. That guy is not hot he looks like a horse