Thursday, August 9, 2012

BEWARE of the Wicked Spider...

AMBER...and her web of LIES!

So Amber just got done posting a blog entry about how she is winning the Team OutSpoken Rider vs. Rider Challenge this week. Well, that part is true and that is about where the truth ends. You see gentle listeners Amber has weaved a beautiful web of lies and has caught many of your in her trap. She has told you a tale of many untruths.

This is the picture of a liar!

Now, I am not calling her a liar just for a reaction. I am calling her a liar because it is true. In her recent blog post she provided a picture of a hairy backed man to entice you to give her donations. But that picture is not of the actual man she has lined up. Oh no. Why? Because she has NO PROOF of the hair on his body! She just shows you any incredibly hairy back she can find to try to trick you into giving her donations.
Evidence A: This is NOT the man from team Eagle!
But even more damning is her so called evidence of the cleanliness of the bathroom she will have to clean should she lose the rider challenge. I hate to do this and I do but I must provide the TRUTH on this matter. I took my cell phone into the bathroom to capture the real evidence. The evidence she was trying to hide from you because she doesn't want to clean what you will see in the following pictures.
Evidence B: Inside the oval are urine splatters on the seat. 

Evidence C: Typical poo type mess left in a stall. 

Evidence D: Amber's version of "evidence" 
Somethings SMELLS not so pretty about Amber's tale but I will let the evidence speak for itself. Take from it what you will.

Derek and Romaine listeners, I will not lie to win this rider challenge because I have integrity on my side. So I simply ask that cast your donations and vote with your conscience. I am raising donations this week for my cousin Rene Rodriguez. She work in IT and hails from Austin, TX. She will be driving her and her bike from there to NYC just to participate in this ride with me. I want her to see how amazing our listeners are and I want the DNR listeners to show her how awesome she is for taking this journey with Team OutSpoken so that we might help those living with HIV. Please donate to Rene as she has a long way to go yet to reach her  $3,000 minimum donations mark needed to participate in the ride. Thank you.



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