Monday, August 13, 2012

DonDon rides the Pole, so Team Outspoken can ride their Bikes

Our Cycle for the Cause fundraiser finally hit the $30,000 mark last week, and we're more than happy for  all the donations! We seriously thank all you guys for the support and we hope it continues. Our beloved intern, DonDon, was all set and ready to go perform for you all as part of the deal...however, he is currently away in Ptown! We were bummed we would have to wiat for his return. However, DonDon delivered the goods and graced us with this lovely performance this past weekend!

Please take your time, enjoy it, replay it and bask in the glory with us of the $30,000 we raised for Team Outspoken and a shirtless DonDon! Let's keep the good times rolling on and off the bike! ;)

Don't forget to keep on donating for more lovely presents provided to you from the Derek and Romaine Show and crew! Click here for the details!


  1. 2002 called. It wants its cellphone back.

  2. Seriously! I want to see Don Don in HD bitches!