Thursday, August 16, 2012

Turnabout is fair play...

Hello my name is: Iris

Hello DNR listeners,
Every time I have ever gone to a Derek and Romaine event I always get asked the same question, "how do you deal with all the things Romaine says about you on the air?"  The truth is I don't listen to the show much anymore because as you know Romaine doesn't always have the nicest things to say about me.

The second question I get asked by listeners is, "why don't you ever call into the show and put her in her place?" The reason is because I am actually very shy and don't like the sound of my voice on the radio. But trust me there have been many times I have been tempted. But temptation is turning into reality!

Turnabout is fair play...

As you know this week I am competing against ADD Jeff in the Team OutSpoken Rider vs Rider Challenge. He has promised some dirty web chat thing if he raises the most donations this week but I am rewarding the listeners with something better! I am giving listeners a 30 minute live Q&A on the DNR show to ask me any questions they have about Romaine and our life together. The best part is that she will not be in the room and will not be allowed to listen to my segment EVER! Which means we will all be in on the secrets and she will be out in the cold. Trust me when I say she is already freaking out at the idea. Romaine lives to be in control of everything and this is killing her.

In the early part of the week you guys helped me reach my $3,000 rider minimum so I can now participate in the Cycle for the Cause AIDS Ride. However, my niece Haley Patterson has not. That's why I am throwing my full support behind her. With any luck you will help me get Haley qualified to participate in the ride and help me beat ADD Jeff in the Rider Challenge. He hates to lose so I know he will come on strong on Friday. Don't let me down guys and I promise I will spill the beans. It will be worth it just to watch Romaine squirm!
Romaine when I WIN!
Thank YOU for your support!

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  1. Thanks for posting Iris. I've been an avid listener of Derek & Romaine for years and love hearing about you and Romey. I know being a wife and mom is an incredibly hard and rewarding "job" (I'm both too!), and here you two are, also participating in this great cause! I wish I could give more, but wanted to let you, Derek, Romaine, Haley, ADD Jeff, Amber, and all the other riders to know that you are doing something great, and making a difference in the world.