Thursday, August 9, 2012

Intern Jerry's Taste Test

Let me just start off by saying I look disgusting in every one of these pictures, you can see my gobble-gobble. Great, now that that is out of the way, here is what they did to me last Monday. And might I add, I was extremely relieved that none of the food items were anything outrageously disgusting like I had expected. THANK YOU ROMAINE. Seriously expected bull testicles or something of that nature. Gross.

Anyway, you can see the spawn of Satan's hands preparing my platefuls of delectable treats while I awaited my doom in the hallway.  If you missed the show, they were: seaweed, pork rinds, guava juice, spam, octopus, rice crispy treat, peach pie, poppy seed cake filling & Gerber kids mini hot dogs. They then proceeded to double-blindfold me and set the following rules: 1.) not allowed to touch the food with my hands 2.)Can smell it & put my lips/tongue on it 3.) Thirty seconds to guess the item or else I had to eat it. Below you can see Derek blindfolding me (his dream come true).

Needless to say, the only ones I got right were the rice crispy treat & pork rinds, which I inhaled anyway. However, in my defense I had never eaten any of the other items before. Check out me going down on some SPAM, that shit smelt nasty.

You can also see here my reaction to the SPAM with Romaine's devilish grin in the background, along with a cameo from my Saturday night hickey #ooops. Below is the poppy seed filling (yay for now being able to test positive for opiates!) and me snorting up some seaweed.

                  The Gerber kids mini hot dogs were not as gross as they look, just tasted like a regular 'ole hot dog.

After I was through with tasting them, Derek took it upon himself to eat the rest--and pretty much everything else I tasted. That man always has a wiener in his mouth.
If there is one thing I learned after all was tasted & done, it's that I need to broaden my food horizons because I failed the taste test with flying colors of the rainbow flag. Question is, what will I put in my mouth next?

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