Monday, August 20, 2012

Team OutSpoken Rider vs. Rider FINALS!!!

It is time to crown a champion in our Team OutSpoken Rider Face Off! In our first week of competition Romaine made handy work of Amber (who will be cleaning some bathroom stalls this week). During the second week Iris ran away with a narrow win over A.D.D. Jeff and she will be dishing the good on Romaine this Wednesday's show. But now it is time for our two winners to face off against one another to crown a Team OutSpoken champ! Who will win in this epic battle that pits wife against wife?

Both Iris and Romaine decided that a reward challenge was necessary for the sake of their daughter and their marriage. So they have both picked rewards that the listeners should enjoy.

If Iris wins this week's rider challenge she will reward the listeners with some never before seen pictures of Romaine as a child and teenager. According to Iris these are the pictures Romaine would love to see burned but her mother hid them for Romie. Even Romaine doesn't know what these pictures look like! Since last week Iris earned her rider minimum of $3,000 so this week she has decided to sponsor her niece Haley Patterson who is just a few hundred dollars away from her minimum. Once Haley Patterson reaches that goal Iris will start raising money for herself.  ***UPDATE*** Haley has reached her $3,000 minimum so all donations can now be made to Iris Hernandez directly!
Iris provided a sample picture of Romaine at 16!
Romaine wants to reward the listeners by addressing their complaints about her. Romaine says that the number one complaint she gets from listeners is that she bitches about Iris too much on the air. So she has decided to reward the listeners by taking a week off from taking shit about her wife and will even go as far as to find one nice thing to say about her every day. Plus, she says she will try to curb her cussing for that week since that is the second thing listeners complain about. Romaine wants to ensure that every member of Team OutSpoken has raised at least $3,000 so she will be sponsoring Dan Long in this week's challenge. Dan is a listener of the DNR show who was so inspired by Team OutSpoken he decided to volunteer and work on the Crew for the ride! Once Dan has reached his $3,000 Romaine will start raising funds for herself.
1 week--No H8--just love for Iris!
Bonus: less cussing for the week. 

To Donate to Iris: CLICK HERE

To Donate to Romaine: CLICK HERE

All donations must be received by Friday, August 17th at 5pm EST.

The winner will be announced during Friday's live broadcast of Derek and Romaine and the reward will follow TBA.

UPDATE (as of 5:45pm EST) DAY 1:
Iris has raised: $630
Romaine has raised: $550

UPDATE (as of5:15pm EST) Day 2: 
Iris has raised: $790
Romaine has raised: $2410

UPDATE (as of 5:30pm EST) Day 3:
Iris has raised: $1,100
Romaine has raised: $2,470

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