Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The List

Hey bitch. Yes, you trying to avoid this post because you know you haven't done your part to help the DNR show in the fight against AIDS! Team Outspoken is training hard to participate in Cycle for the Cause, the 300-mile bike ride from Boston to NYC that Romaine has been talking about for the past three months.This year our goal is to reach $100,000 in donations for the NYC LGBT AIDS services. We desperately need you to donate! Some of you have done your part in the movement to fight AIDS but SOME OF YOU (Not pointing any fingers) have been sitting around waiting for something magical to happen so you can have a reason to help the fabulous Team Outspoken! Well wait no longer the DNR team, mostly Romaine and her maniacal...I mean magical mind has come up with some titillating  rewards/punishments to inspire you to GIVE US SOME MONEY! 
20K- Intern Don Don left alone on air 
25K Intern Jerry Taste Testing Challenge
30k Don Don pole dances in a thong!
35K Sex Toy giveaway (randomly give away 3 toys an hour for a full show)
40K Katie will Volunteer at the LGBT center
45K Kristen TM will shave her head!
50K Amber has to touch a porn star penis
55K Jeff will do a sexy strip tease dance video
60K Romaine and Iris will be handcuffed together for 24 hours
70K Everyone wears a dress day (team challenge)
75K Derek has to do spin classes
80K Team goes to church
85K Derek Volunteers for crew
90K Stocking Promotion 20 Stockings
95K Stocking Promotion 30 Stockings
100K Listener reward trip---someone will get to fly to NYC and host the show

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