Monday, August 13, 2012

OutSpoken Rider Challenge Iris Vs. A.D.D. Jeff

Last week kicked off our Team OutSpoken Rider Challenge where each week two of our riders will square off against one another to see who can raise the most donations in a 5 day time period. This tournament will be taking place over 3 weeks. Romaine was the winner of our first week and will square off in the finals against the winner of this week's challenge.

Week 2!

                             Romaine's wife Iris vs. A.D.D. Jeff
A.D.D. Jeff
After Iris reached her $3,000 minimum after the first day in the rider challenge she decided to sponsor fellow teammate and family member Haley Patterson.**UPDATE** A.D.D. Jeff has helped  Team OutSpoken member Jeremy Blacklow raise his $3,000 minimum requirement and now listeners can donate to A.D.D. Jeff directly. This Rider Challenge is heating up!!!

Both Iris and A.D.D. Jeff are after your donations and have chosen to reward the listeners should they fail to raise the most funds this week.

If Iris raises the most money this week she has promised the listeners a Romaine is away tell all segment on the DNR show. In this segment Iris will kick Romaine out of the studio and answer as many listener questions as she can squeeze into 30 minutes. She promises to reveal all the goods about her infamous and often not so nice wife.

If A.D.D. Jeff raises the most money this week he has promised a live DNR web chat where he will share raunchy stories of his sex life and answer listeners secret questions about his time spent with the DNR crew.

To Donate to Iris's Cause: Click Here to Donate

To Donate to A.D.D. Jeff's Cause: Click Here to Donate

All donations must be received by Friday, August 17th at 5pm EST.

The winner will be announced during Friday's live broadcast of Derek and Romaine and the reward will follow TBA.

UPDATE (as of 3:40pm EST) DAY 1: 
Iris has raised: $275
ADD Jeff has raised: $125

UPDATE (as of 4:15pm EST) DAY 2:
Iris has raised: $1,080
ADD Jeff has raised: $975

UPDATE (as of 5:20pm EST) DAY 3:
Iris has raised; $1400
ADD Jeff has raised: $975

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  1. ADD Jeff pages links you to Jeremy's page... is this so Iris has an advantage? :D