Thursday, June 30, 2011

DNR are coming to FLORIDA!!! Walt Disney World and R Family Vacations!

So as you may have heard over the last several weeks the DNR are crew are heading to Florida for a week full of hanging out with the bitches. This is one of the last trips the DNR crew will be doing this year so you won't want to miss a second of the fun.

Saturday July 9th---Walt Disney World!

You have heard Romaine going on and on about Disney Vinylmations. She insted that while in Florida the DNR crew hit Walt Disney World for at least one day. And guess what? YOU ARE INVITED to join us there! We want to ride the rides with you, eat the mickey mouse ice cream, and trade vinylmations. We will be doing 2 listener meet ups. At which point you can join the DNR crew as they race around the park getting in as much of the action as they can.

Wouldn't YOU like to be the person Romaine is hanging onto for dear life?

Listener Meet up DetailsSaturday July 9th

Hollywood Studios Park
11:00-11:15am at the Hollywood Movie Ride.
Meet up in front of the Chinese Theater in the fore court. Don't get on the ride with out us! We will wait in this area until 11:15am and then we are back to riding so if you snooze you lose. But don't worry there is a second chance to meet up with us.

3:00-3:15pm at the French Pavilion
Meet up in front of the big resturant at the French Pavilion. We will again wait for 15 minutes before heading back out into the park.

What happens if you miss the DNR crew at one of the meet ups? Well, we will have our DNR Social apps up and running so you can check for us on there. You can usually spot Romaine at any store that trades vinylmations or the churro stand. Derek will be found anywhere that food is sold as he likes to eat after each ride.

R FAMILY Vacations!

Derek and Romaine return to the R Family Vacation experience. We will be joining all the of the R Family guests at the Club Med in Sandpiper, FL. Where we will be doing 2 live braodcasts for the R Family vacationers. Sorry, this event is only open for the R family guests but there is still time to book a room and join in all the fun.

Monday July 11th from 6-10pm we will be broadcasting LIVE from the Slice Bar and Lounge at Club Med.

Tuesday July 12th from 1-5pm we will be broadcasting from the Slice Bar and Lounge at Club Med.

There will be tons of celebrity guests as well as fun games and prizes. Stop on by and join in all the fun!