Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Excursions for DNR Listeners on The RFamily Cruise

Hey Bitches, I've been receiving emails from listeners asking me if there will be any off boat excursions specifically for listeners. The answer is "not technically". There are plenty of things to do for everyone's budget, both big and small. However, our stop in Prince Rupert, BC is the shortest of all of the stops with the least amount to do.

I did receive an email from Canadian listener Eric in B.C. with some suggestions for what to do in Prince Rupert, here is what he suggested.

Prince Rupert, BC
Suggestions for things to do while in Port between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm
Have a wonderful visit to Northern BC! Have a great stay!
• Wander down from the cruise ship terminal to Cow Bay (a short stroll) and explore the marina
• Stop in at Smiley’s cafe, adjacent to the cruise ship terminal, for some fresh local halibut and seafood. Best fish and chips anywhere in northern BC!
• Walk up to the Museum of Northern BC, which showcases local native artifacts and historical items from the development of the railway to Prince Rupert
• Take a trip out to the North Pacific Cannery in Port Edward – a historical recreated cannery
• If you have time during the short stop, a boat trip up to the Khutzeymateen conservancy is highly recommended for viewing the pristine inlet and its resident grizzly bears
• Harbour tours for whale viewing should also be available
Check out these links for more info:

Thanks, Eric in B.C., If anyone wants to meet up for a listener dinner at Smiley's Cafe, and have some fresh Canadian seafood, email me and I'll let everyone know.

Trucker James

Friday, June 26, 2009

Meet DNR in Seattle!

Derek and Romaine will be making their first ever appearance in Seattle, WA on Friday, July 10th!

Join them from 7-9pm at the Garage Billiards to hang out, meet other listeners, have a drink and bowl a frame or two. Garage is 21 and over only. You can find them in the Star Lounge.

If you are planning to attend, email the show to let them know so they know how many people are coming! Hope to see you there!

7/25 - Dusty and Friends Benefit

Derek will be the emcee at the upcoming Dusty and Friends Benefit for the American Cancer Society. Join Derek on Saturday, July 25th at 5pm at the Primetime Bar in Highland, NY. Entrance is $5 and proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

If you can not attend in person, you can mail a $5 donation before July 20th. Make checks payable to: American Cancer Society and Memo: Dusty & Friends Benefit. Mail checks to:

Sirius XM Radio
ATTN: Derek and Romaine Show
1221 Avenue of the Americas
36th floor
New York, NY 10020

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ohio Pride-Oh MY!!!! From My Perspective - Trucker Patti

I am a veteran of the early prides in San Francisco in the mid to late 70's. Yes bitches, that means I am older than dirt!! As awesome as those prides were, nothing prepared me for the over 200,000 wonderful queer people at pride in the middle size city in the middle of the road state that is Columbus Ohio! The queer people of Columbus have everything in the world to be proud of!

As wonderful as the city was, the food was (I am fat, so food is very important and the seafood fettucini at the Union Cafe was to die for!), the festivities at the park were, dragapalooza was and of course, Bat N Rouge, the wildest and weirdest ball game I have ever been to, was, it was the people I met that truly impressed me and warmed my heart.

There was the trucker tranny lesbians into infantilism, Mama Missy and Baby Rachel. I don't quite understand the dynamic, but I celebrate their togetherness. I am now an honorary Auntie to Baby Rachel!

Here they are along with another one of our trucker buddies, Trucker Elise!

There was Dallas and his boyfriend/partner of 9 years, Brad, both volunteers during pride and obviously very committed to their community-they were so sweet to me and so very handsome!

Sean was Derek and Romaine's guide and caretaker and also very committed to his community. Considering the scope of his duties, he was amazingly cheerful and sweet!

Nina West! Need I say more? I got a bit of a Drag Queen Crush on the luscious and talented Miss West. How could you not? She is the total package; beauty, talent, brains and so nice and approachable, but delightfully bitchy with a microphone in her hand! I was too star struck to get a picture, but there is a great one on Trucker James' blog.

Two young men, one gay and one straight, both with challenges in their love lives, Logan and Mike, both from Pittsburgh, both fresh out of college and so adorable that I just wanted to adopt them and take them home with me.

There was also two of the most adorable young lesbians I have ever met, Anna, a friend of Trucker James and her girlfriend Stacey. I lost my phone and when I am so sure she would much rather have been hanging with her friends, Stacey wandered all over the park with me trying to find the cell phone I lost almost immediately upon arriving. Romaine and I bumped our considerable mammary glands upon meeting for the first time and as the phone had been in my cleavage, I think it may have popped out!

And what can I say about the bitches? Yes, they are much better looking in person; yes, put a microphone in their hands and they are their wickedly funny bitchey selves; have a conversation one on one with them, they are warm and friendly and very approachable, even when you dump a glass of water in their lap and they are so tired and foot sore, they just want to go to the hotel and relax.

I had the best time I have had in a very long time and am looking forward to Dallas in September!

Columbus Pride Pics

Derek couldn't contain himself looking at Trucker Patti's breasts (to the right)

Pimp Daddy Jeremiah from Indiana rolling with his peeps

Derek, Romaine and the yummy Shawn from Columbus

A very drunk and tired Logan from Pittsburgh, (sorry honey, it's the only pic I got before my battery died on my camera)

Truckers Mama Missy and Baby Rachel with Trucker Elise, that was an interesting combination

Derek and Trucker Patti, sounds like a new show to me

Myself and the very cute listener Dallas from Columbus, too bad he's married.

My friend Anna and her reaction when she found out Romaine is in a relationship

Bat N' Rouge Photo Gallery (you just have to see to understand or believe)

Isn't this the gayest ball diamond you ever did see?

Romaine, looking like the cat that ate the canary

God Save The Queen

Governor Sarah Palin strikes a pose before striking down someone's rights in Alaska

Back from the dead, Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty have become lesbians and brought their U-Haul to the festivities

Paula Abdul doing what she does best, drinking? a coke?

Um, Lady? GaGa and SuperTrannyGirl?

Romaine tormenting the cute visually impaired rodent

Miss Swine Flu (oh, wait, you can't call it that, it's Miss H1N1).

That queen has some rockin' calves, oh wait, that's Derek in his librarian shoes.

Are you a friend of Dorothy? If not, she just might be the shit out of you!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Derek & Romaine at Columbus Pride 2009

Hey Bitches. Columbus Pride 2009 ended up being a really spectacular event. More than 180,000 people attended the largest pride festival in Ohio, ever!!. Derek & Romaine, were fabulous as the Emcees this year. During the festivities, I had the pleasure of meeting other listeners like Mama Missy & Baby Rachel, our beloved Tranny-Lesbians that are into Infantilism, Jeremiah from Indiana, Trucker Elise, Trucker Patti and Logan from Pittsburgh just to name a few. It truly was a very special event. The Bitches, not only owned the stage, but they were the highlight of the event.

Later in the evening, Derek, Romaine, Shawn from Columbus, Trucker Patti & myself enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Union Cafe. I may have accidentally (uh-huh) taken a picture of Derek eating some hummus. Not only was the picture of Mr. Hartley eating, but it was also from a profile view (his least favorite side). The bids for this picture to ever see the light of day start at $100, payable to The Matthew Shepard Foundation. Also at dinner Trucker Patti with her massive purse, knocked a rather large glass of water into Derek's lap, it was truly hilarious for everyone except Derek and Patti.

After dinner we all trekked over to Axis Nightclub for Dragapalooza where Lady Bunny, on drag time (1 1/2 hours late), was sensational. Fortunately, Romaine did not get to see Bunny with a dick in her mouth, like at the 2008 GayVN Awards. The show was fantastic. Local Queens were fierce, especially Miss Nina West, 2008 National Entertainer of the Year, my hometown Dayton, Ohio's own Rubi Girls, Miss Ohio Gay Pride 2009, Ms. Penny Tration from The Adonis Nightclub in Cincinnati among many, many more.
It was so much fun, at one point I wanted to dress up like Tina Turner. After the show, Romaine's feet needed to be rested, so she left Derek, Shawn, Patti and myself to drink, solve gay problems, try to pick up "straight" friends of listeners and gossip about her, it was so much fun. (The last picture is Mike, Logan in Pittsburgh's "straight" friend I referred to earlier, isn't he hot?). I ended up having to leave to get my car out of valet, so I left at 2am to recover and be ready for the Bat N' Rouge the next day, but that's a whole other post. Later Bitches.

Trucker James

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Now On The iPhone!

Tell your friends!

Derek and Romaine and the rest of the OutQ gang are now available on the iPhone. Click here for more information and to download the free app! in the iTunes store!

120 Channels of SIRIUS XM programming is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can get a free seven day trial to try it out, or tell your friends to give us a listen. You know that after they spend seven days with us, they won't want to listen to anything else. Or they might hate you forever. People have strong feelings about our show.

More Pics From My Trip

Hey Bitches, I have been criticized (and not from (Stanton)onimous for once), about not posting more pics from my trip. Everyone seems to want to see pics of Sam and Patrick. Well, here you go. I didn't get any pics of Mistress Sam in the studio because she was out in the call screening area most of the time, but I got a cherry of her on the subway when we were on our way to 9 to 5: The Musical. BTW: Her tshirt is a unicorn fucking a dolphin, it was completely wrong.

Trucker James

Columbus Pride Schedule

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Visit To The OutQ Studio At SiriusXM

Hey Bitches!, I figured I would post some photos from my visit last Wednesday to the Derek & Romaine show. Just in case you ever sat listening to The Bitches wondering what the studio looks like or what Greg, The Cupcake is doing or just how lovely Mistress Sam looks, here's the photographic evidence. Up first, we have a picture of the table Derek and Romaine sit at while doing the show. It's a boomerang shaped table with a couple of computers (the one pictured is Derek's), several microphones and lots of technology sitting behind it, which is where Greg stands and plays our favorite bots, clips and makes sure everything is running smoothly. You've often heard The Bitches say that the sit very far away from each other while doing the show. I have to admit, at this table, they might as well be in different zip codes. They really, due to the shape of the table and all of the equipment in between them, can't even see each other without making standing up or stretching out. That just goes to the chemistry between them that we all love and need like crack. As you can see in the picture to the right, Romaine is nowhere to be found, but if you look at the main pic at the top of the post, she is there on the other end of the table. It was very interesting watching everyone doing their jobs, their were some technical difficulties that were smoothly taken care of by Greg, Sam and Patti Intern 2. After the show Derek and Romaine told me that any other show would have fallen apart, but they have the best staff at SiriusXM (high praise, indeed). I have to admit, it was truly an exciting experience being on the show and I hope Derek & Romaine will allow me to come back and do it again sometime. It really was a lot of fun.

Some of the other fun things about the SiriusXM Studios was "The Fishbowl", that's the studio in the lobby that special musical guests and celebrities like Barbara Walters do their shows from. While in the lobby of SiriusXM, I did get to see a celebrity or two. Anthony Michael Hall (Weird Science, The Breakfast Club) held the door for me when I was coming in. Cousin Brucie said hello to me as he walked through, and Father Dave from The Catholic Channel, Sirius 159, XM 117 came by and after trying to molest him, I asked him for a picture. There is only one word to describe him....Yummy, I totally get Derek's crush now. (Make sure you go say 10 "Our Fathers" after abusing yourself to his picture.

I did get to explore, both on my own, and with Mistress Sam as my tour guide, the offices of Our Saviors, Derek and Romaine, and I have to admit, was cleaner than I expected. I also got to see the prize cabinets that we all wish we could raid (Guess What Bitches, I Did!!) I saw the door to the Howard Stern studios, which, according to Mistress Sam, is the most she's ever seen of it as well. Apparently, you have to have special access to get by it, which, not many people have.

At the end of the evening, when Romaine, Sam, Greg and I were heading out to go get drunk on Blue Moon's at one of the pubs in Times Square. I got to see the GLAAD Award that Derek & Romaine won for 10 Years Later: The Lasting Legacy Of Matthew Shepard. It is displayed in a huge glass case with all the other awards won by SiriusXM, the only problem I had was that it was on the bottom shelf, THE BOTTOM SHELF? REALLY!!? Well Bitches, I have to run, but I will be posting a lot more regularly when I get my replacement wireless dongle from my cell company, they were going to make me pay for another after mine was stolen, but thanks to the wise words of Romaine Patterson, threatening to take your service to another company will get them to give you a new one for free. I just have to wait to get home to get it in my mail. Later Bitches.

Trucker James

The People On Lawn Chairs In Times Square

Hey Bitches, This has been a recurring theme lately, Derek & Romaine keep referring to the tourists on lawn chairs in the streets of New York City. I actually snapped some pics of these freaks during my trip last week. Enjoy.

The New Derek Hartley

So I was in Indianapolis this past weekend for Indy Pride and listeners were pleasantly surprised to see me shirtless and looking sexy in the Indy Pride Parade. Only problem. I was not shirtless, sexy or there. This is a hot local guy named Nate (I've heard) and I didn't know I had a car in the parade. However, I am happy that I was replaced by someone so hot. I think he should play me at all future public appearances since it will definitely add to the listener experience to have this in mind when you hear the show.

Photos courtesy of Doug Peters! Thanks Doug.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

R Family Cruise -- Events Schedule!!!

As you bitches already know Derek and Romaine will be aboard the R Family Vacations Cruise that leaves from Seattle and goes to Alaska! We would really love to see all of you there! And the prices for cabins just DROPPED really low so if you couldn't afford to go before you might be able to afford it now! If that doesn't convince you, maybe our events schedule for the time while we are on the boat will! Check them out!

DNR Events Schedule

Saturday: We are going to have a short listener "meet and greet" from 5pm-6pm. Location (TBD).

Sunday: We are going to have a DNR listener "Brunch" at the Garden Cafe at 10am. Bring your family, bring your friends. This will be an informal brunch where we all get to know each other better.

Monday: Derek and Romaine Broadcast 3-7pm in the Dazzle Lounge. Swing by for celebrity interviews, fun games, giveaways and much more.

Tuesday: Derek and Romaine Broadcast 3-7pm in the Dazzle Lounge. Our second day of the show will be filled with interviews with some of the great characters on the boat including Romaine's Family! You won't want to miss a second of this broadcast!

Wednesday: Romaine's Wedding Reception/ Dance Party! Romaine and Iris are getting married on the R Family Cruise this year. They want you to join them as they celebrate their union. Meet them at 10pm at the Disco for a "White Wedding" themed dance party!

Thursday: Derek wants to dance the night away! Join Derek at the Disco at 11pm for all of you night owls! If you want to party like a radio star, this is your chance!

We can't wait to see all of you! Kisses to the Bitches!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh Bitches, It's been a long, long time

Hey Bitches. Sorry for the delay in posting something recently, but big dumb blonde me didn't remember to replace my wireless broadband dongle (hehehe, dongle) when it was stolen early last month when I was robbed in Tennessee. I am now required to buy a new one (at full price, of course) and I haven't had a chance (or the money), so I am stuck for the near future relying on wifi internet access. Sorry about that bitches.

Second. I want to thank everyone who donated to Derek & Romaine's PayPal fund for me to get a new computer. Approximately $250 was raised by the generosity of all you bitches. Thank you. It was very appreciated.

I have a few things to tell you, first is, LowGear and I booked our tickets for the RFamilyVacations cruise to Alaska that The Bitches and many of the listeners are going on July 11th -18th, then this morning, I received an email from Gregg and Kelly telling me they dropped the price by half (I guess we should have waited!), but you can now go for next to nothing, go to RFamilyVacations.com for more info. The next thing is, if you haven't heard yet, I will be in studio on Wednesday, June 10th, so make sure you are listening. I am sure to give a report on my and Mistress Sam's visit to Broadway to see 9 to 5: The Musical.

I will be posting more of the the next couple of days, but tonight, I seem to be hooked up to a crappy wifi connection that won't let me upload any pictures or videos. Catch you later bitches.

Trucker James

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shirtless Listeners: Brian

Last week, Romaine and I flew out to Cincinnati to hang out with our friends Thad and Adam at the Adonis Nightclub. They had a fabulous pool party on Sunday afternoon, but the night before, we were hanging out in the club with the listeners and we met Brian and his boyfriend. They had fun but Brian didn't take his shirt off until they hit the dance floor later after quite a few drinks. However, he did email me a photo of him (post-workout) to let me know what I missed. And now you all know what you missed too. So next time, join us when we go off to a pride event or a club night. This is what is waiting for us when we get there!

And if you think you have what it takes to be a shirtless listener on the blog, email us.