Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bruce Vilanch, Noah Levy and Dave Lieberman

Bruce Vilanch dropped by to record lots of great stories for the upcoming documentary special "I Want My Gay TV: The LGBT History of Television" coming up on Friday, March 12th at 6pm ET/3pm PT on OutQ.

Adorable Noah Levy from In Touch Weekly is in studio for another Tabloid Tuesday. The best gossip is what you don't hear when we dish during the breaks. We'll never tell!

Derek and Romaine hang out with Anahad O'Connor and the ever adorable Dave Lieberman. They have a great new book out 10 Things You Need To Eat. Unfortunately, Dave is not one of them. Maybe he is #11.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

3 Weeks In

This is the kind of wang Madena and Sam like. Too small ya think???

Funky Cold Madena & Yo Adrianne

DNR intern "Yo Adrianne" here. So far so good. "Funky Cold Madena" and I are really enjoying ourselves and getting the lay of the land. Fun times last week talking about our favorite sex toys on air. Soooo all is well here at DNR. No more taking the wrong turns to the kitchen and ending up at a random door. I still manage to pull instead of push the doors around here. (that will probably never change) Madena has a crush on Derek, but as of the other night that changed to Hedda Lettuce. Hmmmm...let us see who her final "amore" is by our last day here. In other news.......our dear Mistress Sam left for her two-week trip to South Africa Thursday. How jealous are we!?!?! We shall miss her, but I think she left us in good hands with Romaine and Derek. There was a lot of work done to help keep things in order while she is away riding lions, tigers, and bears..OH MY! Well until next time......

In Studio with Jackie Collins, Lori Michaels and Dan Brickley

Dan Brickley from dropped by to dish about the Golden Globe Awards.

The ever fabulous Jackie Collins drops by to talk about her latest book. Don't forget to follow her on twitter!

Lori Michaels plays some tunes and hangs out with "the girls"... and Derek.

Look who stopped in...

Friend and DJ React (AKA Former Intern Nick)

Guest Co-Host Ducky Doolittle, Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely and Romaine

Mistress Sam gets love from Oscar historian and
Turner Classic Movie host, Robert Osborne.

In Studio with DJs-Hybrid Heights/Sted-E, Lucy Lawless and Dan Brickley

DJ Hybrid Heights and DJ Sted-E

Romaine, Lucy Lawless (in part of Romaine’s Xena costume)and Derek

Dan Brickley and Derek

DJ John Michael, Billy Waters, Listener Dave and Trucker James

DJ John Michael, Romaine, Derek and Billy Waters

Listener Dave

Drunk Ass Trucker James...shots anyone?

Listener Ryan, Katee Sackhoff, Dr. Yvonne Collins and Mandy Moore

Crazy Listener Ryan

Derek, Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica) and Romaine

Dr. Yvonne Collins, Derek and Actress Mandy Moore

ADD Jeff, Porn Star/Director Tera Patrick and Comedian Greg Giraldo

Romaine and ADD Jeff

Derek, Porn Star and Director Tera Patrick and Romaine

Comedian Greg Giraldo and Derek

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Look who stopped in from good ol' Canada!!! ...the oh so hot Charlie David. Hmmm..if only he had removed that shirt from which he was bulging so nicely from....our minds can only wonder. All sex aside this yummy does his share of environmental and humanitarian work to make us all want to step up and do our part too!

Rafael Alencar, his 10" dinger, and camera gal-Mr.Pam paid DNR a visit with plenty of kinky porno DVDs to go around. They gave us the juiciest play-by-play of their on set SEX-capades....raunchy at its finest! Check out his moves on his official website.

RuPaul stopped by to promote the new season of Drag Race. This season looks to be more fabulous than the last! These divas aren't playing around! To find out the scoop on these gals check out the Logo site.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Picture Overloooooad!

Hey everyone! I (DNR intern-Adrianne) came into the studio today and was going through the camera and realized there are so many newish/new pictures that none of our listeners have seen. In these past weeks there have been a bundle of great guest on the show. So please enjoy this picture overload. Make sure to leave your comments about the hotties, divas, and entertaining folks that have graced us with their oh so fabulous presence. The pics should be up before the week is out. Just had some technically difficulties, but all is well now. Stay tuned! In the mean time check out our Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace where we are updating almost daily!