Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Derek & Romaine's Valentine's Message Hotline!!!!

Happy New Year Bitches!

Now that the holiday's are behind us, the stockings have been given away and we have two feet firmly planted in 2012 we thought we'd let you know what's coming up next. Derek & Romaine are collecting messages from YOU for Valentine's Day. Whether you're a secret sap, single and loving it, have relationship advice to offer, are totally bitter, just have a story to tell or are drowning your sorrows in a box of Franzia (Stanton) we want you to call and tell us about it. We're collecting messages to play on the show February 6th through February 14th the number to call is 855-962-7869 try to keep it under a minute and if we like it we'll play it on air.

-DNR Team