Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Serge from Gaygaget.com!!

http://www.gaygadget.com check out all of Serge's cool gay gadgets!

The horrible view from our office!

But someone's gotta do it!

Hal Sparks in studio!

always a favorite of ours!

Lana LoRusso from the lanalogue.com

Go to her hillarious blog lanalogue.com for the funniest and most acidic humor on all your favorite celebrities, tv and pop culture goings on...trust me on this one! She even had some advice for fellow guest Christian Siriano

Our Favorite Green Queen...Hedda Lettuce

Here she is au natural...talking about death and polution...happy stuff!

Brian Van Holt from Cougartown in Studio

Sam and I both agree...he is quite the looker! Need to get Derek's opinion...I of course missed him in person!

Christian Siriano In studio

That's quite a look...I guess it's his signature pose!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No H8!

When Derek and I were in Dallas, TX back in September we went and had our photos taken by Adam Bouska for his NoH8 campaign. I personally think that this photo campaign is very compelling and was very honored to take part.

So enjoy our pictures and let us know what you think!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Iris is in TROUBLE!!

Iris is in BIG FAT TROUBLE!!! She wrecked both of our cars in the same day!!! She literally backed the new car into my parked car sitting in the driveway. AND here is the kicker! I told her LAST NIGHT to be careful when backing out in the morning because I had to park further back in the drive way due to the snow covered hanging trees overhead! WTF!?!? Did I mention that she didn't come inside and get me when she did it!?! She waited until she was safely in her car on her way to work. Then she called me to make her "confession". Her excuse was that she didn't want to be late to work because she thought we would end up spending 10 mins talking about it.
I can't decide if I am more upset by her wrecking both of the cars or if I am more upset that she is always up my ass about my driving abilities when I am driving the new car because she thiks I will "hurt" it. ughhhh

So I am posting the pictures of the damage to each car. I would like your opinions. Should I be mad? Should I make Iris pay to fix the damages to the new car? Should I just accept her apology and forget it? How would you react?

Picture Time:

This first picture is of MY beat up old car. Not as mad about the damage done to this one because let's face it. It is an old POS car.

This is a picture of our NEW car. The one I have only made 1 payment on so far!

So what do you guys think? I can't wait to read your comments!

"Bobby the Intern II vs. Derek" Let the War Begin!

Bobby the Intern II got pissed after Derek posted a little video of him chair dancing in the studio. I felt is was only fair to let Bobby have his retaliation. So here is a video that Bobby took of our own Derek Hartley dancing in the studio.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mick Foley in the Flesh!!!

Romaine really does love him...half ear and all! Now I can see why he has such a Bear following! He could be like a Bear poster boy!

Romaine looking HOT for night of Laramie Project in NYC!

Iris and Derek don't look too bad either!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jane Velez-Mitchell

She was just on our show promoting iWant her new memoir. Jane has a lot of strong opinions on addiction and sexuality and we'd love to know your thoughts...
In addition, she brought up the issue of violence peace and veganism which is definately food for thought-- but again strong words...thoughts?

You can watch Jane on "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell" on the HLN network at 7pm E.T.
iWant is available in all major book stores or from Amazon.com

Bai Ling

We know you wanted to see Bai Ling in our studio... so here she is (in all of her crazy glory). But in all seriousness she was a lot of fun and we look forward to bringing more celebs in (who else should we reach out to?) ...She was snapping photos all over Sirius as if she was in the Taj Mahal.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bobby Intern 2 Dancing!

Going through old crap while preparing to publish my book, I came across this video from 2005 of Bobby Intern 2 chair dancing in the studio. He would do ANYTHING we asked which is what makes a great intern. Anything!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show Not Live Today!

It's Thursday, October 1st. Derek is sick, so tonight is a best-of Derek and Romaine. The show will be back live on Friday, October 2nd with Josh Harrell from Otter Fashion.