Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun In Florida

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Is Derek Eating?

I have talked on the show about my Fit N Fresh container and how I bring my lunch to work most days. So I thought I would take a picture of my lunch today. Yes, it's a little but I am sure some of you are curious.

So I made a pastrami sandwich on toasted sourdough with jalapeno cheddar cheese. In the little containers, I made a faux creme fraiche with some fat free vanilla yogurt, blueberries and sliced strawberries. Sometimes I throw some crushed walnuts on top. The other container is a small salad with diced tomatoes and crumbled bleu cheese. Instead of dressing I just threw on some extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and some fresh ground pepper.

Deer In The Yard

So I am in my kitchen and for the first time in a few weeks, I see a deer in the yard. Usually there are three or four showings in a day but for some reason they have been MIA for a while now. The photo is kind of "where's waldo" but you can see it there. And the woodpile they have been knocking over. Mike torn the old wooden playset down and we stacked it neatly and the deer just climb all over it doing their best Broadway show numbers. Annoying!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

405 The Movie

I mentioned this short film on the air tonight and our listener Terri dug it up and sent the link to me.

Thanks Terri! Hope all you crazy kids enjoy it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunset In Studio

This is what the end of the world will look like. Wonderful! Golden delicious.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Roseanne headless?

Don't worry. Tom Arnold has not sought some late day revenge. As we discussed on the show today with Daniel Vosovic from Project Runway, it's just the New York Times heralding a new fashion discovery in Herald Square: "It's like a headless wax museum devoted entirely to the cast of Roseanne." Avant garde? J.C. Penney! And lest anyone get any ideas that Manhattan is happy about this plucky newcomer, her name is misspelled on the site more than once. Writer Cintra Wilson declares: "If I were a size 18, I'd rejoice." More likely sob uncontrollably in the dressing room and then unleash your lunch right onto the floor.

For more drama, catch the new season of Project Runway starting this Thursday night on Lifetime. Or tune in to Derek and Romaine, every night from 6-10pm ET/3-7pm PT.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Derek's House

Yesterday, Romaine posted horror photos of how dirty her house is. So I thought, as contrast, I should post some photos of what life is like at MY house.

This is the view into the dining room and kitchen from the living room. In the foreground is my original bar (circa 1960) that I now only use to hold some stemware since it is too small for all the booze I have. I have a full bar in the basement and a separate wine bar in the living room just for wine and champagne. Mike chose all the colors (he likes bold color) and came up with the idea of painting the cabinets and splash wall one color and the rest of the kitchen the same color as the dining room to both distinguish one room from the other and still have nice flow between the two.

This is the living room. When the sun comes through the bay window just right, it makes a nice leaf pattern on the green walls. My grandmother's dying wish was crown molding for this room which I still have not done. The piano was made by the previous owner's grandfather. In the entrance hall beyond is the pine paneling that is the bane of my existence.

The back yard. From the porch you can see the land behind the house and the enclosure around the new patio I built this summer. It's all zipped up to keep the neighbor cats from shedding all over everything in there. I hate them so much. Now one of them is pregnant and likes to sleep inside the tall adirondack table here on the back porch. It better not have its kittens there. I will put them all in my compost barrel at right and turn the crank!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Clean House?

Hello fellow Bitches-
So last night on the show I went on a rather lengthy rant about my lovely wife Iris and her inability to clean up after herself. I know that many of you think I am just making this shit up so I decided to take matters in to my own hands and show you a little photographic proof of what I am talking about.

**Disclaimer** I did take pictures of the worst offenders in levels of filth and no my whole house is not like this. Just a few key areas associated with my lovely wife. Also, I am by no means an anal retentive cleaner and I too have some dirty areas. Just for the record.

Okay onto the proof!

Picture 1: The Kitchen area

What do you see in this photo? A bowl with some pasta for Romie. An empty cup with a slice of lime and a salt shaker. No big deal really. EXCEPT that bowl of food has been on the counter for two days. that cup with the has a few clones running around the house. And the salt shaker is one of about 5 in our house because Iris tends to hide one in just about every room!

Picture 2: The Living Room

In this photo you see the side of the sofa that belongs to Iris. She has taken my laptop from its home upstairs and brought it downstairs to use. Btw, it is still there. Now, on this particular day her side table is actually kind of clean as there are no dirty dishes on it. But most days it has any or all of the following: a water glass, a salt shaker, books, paper towel, dirty dish among other random items.

Picture 3: The Bedside

What is it with socks? They never make it to the hamper! Last night I talked about Iris has a collection of dirty socks that seems to live beside her side of the bed. This picture shows a few of those pairs. What you don't see are the 3 additional pairs that are UNDER the bed. I counted them this morning when I cleaned there were 5 PAIRS in total!

Picture 4: The Upstairs Bathroom

Two weeks ago I got all crazy and cleaned the lower level of our house really well. Iris seeing all my hard work got inspired to help out. So she took to the upstairs bathroom! I was so proud of her! She even mopped the floor but what she failed to do was clean up from her cleaning. As you can see the mop that she used 2 weeks ago is still in the bathroom! WTF?

I've left the worst 2 offenders for be prepared!!!

Picture 5:The Rec Room/ Contents of Iris' Old Car!

Remember how I told the story last night of how Iris cleaned out her new car? Well, she took everything that was in her old car and shoved it into a few bags in order to get it ready to be traded in. She then brought those bags into our Rec. Room and put them on the floor. Well, I guess she needed to find something in one of the bags so rather then go through the bag she decided to just empty it out right there on the floor. As you can see from this picture when she cleaned out her car she put EVERYTHING in those bags EVEN THE TRASH! Plus, this should give you a good idea of the way her old car looked on the inside! Oh and this mess has been on the floor of the rec room since Friday or Saturday!

Picture 6: Iris' Walk in Closet!

Now these pictures are from Iris' walk in closet. This mess doesn't really make me crazy like the others do because it is her personal space. However, I wanted to include these photos because they reflect the bigger issue. Iris is messy! In these photos you can see that she just likes to let things be messy and stay messy. Even when she has a basket of clean and folded clothes (btw I folded them) she just leaves them in the basket rather then put them away. At some point it has to be hard to figure out which clothes are dirty and which one are not. Right? She has lots of hangers as you can see yet they all seem empty. What is that about? How can any person find what they need in all of this mess?

Okay, so now you have seen my picture proof. And I didn't even take pictures of the dog hair...only because my digital camera ran out of juice before I could! So my question is: What the fuck should I do about this problem? HELP!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2009 Listener Survey


Each year, Derek and Romaine spends one week compiling a listener survey to better understand who listens to the show and look for ways to improve it. It is time once again for your help in making DNR better. Please click here now to take the annual listener survey. It is a quick and easy list of questions and should only take a couple of minutes. With your help, we can make the show not suck! Please take the time to fill out this ANONYMOUS listener survey.
HURRY!! The annual listener survey ends on August 12th!

Behind the scenes

As many of you know on Monday's show while Derek was away I did a behind the scenes look at life at Sirius/ XM Radio. So I thought since it has been a while since I did a blog entry I would talk a little bit about what happens behind the scenes at our show.

Most days start at about 1pm. That's when Mistress Sam gets to work to start her magic. Sam is really a master of all trades. She books all of our guests, helps maintain all of the editing and over sees Greg and the intern. All of this while dealing with the crazy egos of Derek and Romaine! And that is really over simplifying things. I can't even begin to tell you all the things Sam does, but I do know this by the time I arrive at work she is hip deep in her tasks for the day. In fact, I think the only time she leaves her desk is when she has to pee or go grab dinner!

Meanwhile, Greg is often at his desk working on one of many editing jobs. He pulls all of the clips and pieces them together for any "best of" show that is played while we are away. He also puts together all of the little promos about our show that you hear on OutQ throughout the day. Oh yeah and he works on all the show imaging like in the intros and re-joiners that you hear all the time! And when he isn't busy with all of that he can be found helping Sam out or working with the Intern. But let's not kid ourselves he also spends a lot of time sneaking away for an afternoon cigarette. ewww.

I come into the office most days between 3-4 depending on how quickly I can get Romie out of the house that day. When I get to the office the first thing I do is check in with Sam. I make sure she has everything she needs for the show that night and I answer any booking questions she has for later in the week. Then I make my way to my office. I spend a few minutes getting the show logs updated and I check my email. If I have a specific task to get down that day (which I often do) I hop to it. My current tasks include: Getting ready for the Stocking promotion, Breaking down data from the 1st half of the year on our show...among some top secret tasks I can't even tell you about.

Derek tends to arrive at one of three times. On days we have meetings he is there some time just before 4pm. But most days he gets in at either 4:30 or 5:30 depending on which train he catches into the city. I can't tell you exactly what he does because to be honest we try not to spend very much time talking "off air". We save as much as we can for the radio show. But I do know that Derek is responsible for booking all of our travel dates and all the who ha that comes with that job. He also is the one that writes the newsletter every week. So he tends to keep himself pretty busy.

Have any questions about life behind the scenes? Leave a comment and I will see if I can answer them for you.