Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gay Cinema 101: Ten Movies You Can't Miss

In honor of Derek's book Colonnade: A Life In Columns (a collection of his FantasyMan Island columns along with his own recollections of his first two years in Manhattan) now being available for the Kindle, we thought it would be a good time to check out some of the other columns he wrote around that time.
A few months after the start of Derek and Romaine on Sirius Radio back in 2003, Derek wrote the following column recommending essential movies for gay men to see. Since it often comes up with Steve Hayes, Tired Old Queen at the Movies, or Hedda Lettuce join the show, his essential list is reprinted here.

Gay Cinema 101: Ten Movies You Can't Miss

August 15, 2003 - There is a newly out intern down at my Sirius radio show. At my recent summer party (A Midsummer's Day's Debauchery!), some of my guests were shocked to discover that Bobby Intern, as we call him, hadn't seen the recent Oscar winner and instant gay classic, Chicago.

Longtime FantasyMan Island reader Paul suggested that I create a list of the 10 essential movies that all gay people must see in order to graduate into full-fledged homosexuality. I couldn't bring myself to list just 10, and I am certain that you have additional suggestions. Feel free to send them along. However, I think this list should cover it for most people. So, without further ado: Bobby Intern (and all you other boys out there just like him), this column is just for you.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Summer Bitches!! (update from intern Chanel)

Hello everyone! Yes, it's been awhile since I've last posted (last semester, actually). Forgive my lateness as I've been super-duper busy working here at the Derek and Romaine Show. What a difference one semester can make! I started off screening phone calls, and now I am running the boards during the show!  Photobucket

I'm starting to have separation anxiety because I only have 4 more weeks left with DnR! (sniffles)... Nonetheless, this summer has been awesome. One of the highlights for me, was celebrating the passing of the gay marriage bill with Derek and Romaine.  Everyone screamed and shouted in the studio when we watched with anticipation, the votes being tallied.  A very exciting but rather emotional experience.  New York City has always been the city to set the standards for the rest of the world.  What a wonderful feeling to be accepted for who you are... I've learned so much about myself through a gay person's eyes.

Another highlight of the show (and my summer) is DnR listener, "Stanton."  I adore Stanton. There is something so genuine about his personality. He's like the one aunt that loves you to death, but will put you in check if you ever get caught slipping! (It's all love, thank you Aunty Stanton).  Since Stanton loved my last model picture I put up last semester, I thought I'd post another one for the summer, just for him! (Eat your heart out Stanton) Photobucket

So here's to the last 4 weeks on the Derek and Romaine show. I'm gonna cram in as much experience as I can and make it all memorable! Have a great summer everyone (-;

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Derek and Romaine Have Books!

You enjoy the show, but have you read the books written by your favorite hosts?

Romaine was the first to come out with a book in 2005 when she released her memoir: The Whole World Was Watching: Living in the Light of Matthew Shepard. Then, in 2009, Derek released his first memoir, Colonnade: A Life In Columns.

Now, Colonnade: A Life In Columns is available for Kindle! So for those of you who have been waiting for the digital version, it is here now. It will be available for the iPad in the next week.

And coming in August, Derek's latest book, When Nightlife Falls. In the new book, Derek talks about his work life with Romaine, travels the country with outrageous porn personalities, and falls in love.

Want a sneak peek? Here is the photo that will be part of the cover of the new book.

That's Erik Rhodes, dragging model Christopher Schram along the floor. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photo update!

So as you know, DNR has just returned from R Family Vacations at the Club Med in Sandpiper, FL.  And just so you guys know, as if she didn't already have enough, Romaine has returned with even more vinylmations!!

While we missed Romaine this past week because she stayed behind at Club Med and spent time with her daughter and neice, we had a blast in the studio with guest hosts comedians Dave Rubin and Adam Sank.

In other news, here are some pictures of Derek and Romaine with various guests who we had in our studio within the past 2 months =)

Here are Derek and Romaine with Rutina Wesley.  You most likely know her as True Blood's Tara Thornton... best friend of Sookie Stackhouse!

This dream boat posing with DNR is MSNBC's news anchor Thomas Roberts.... back off bitches, Derek called dibs!

Just a typical night in the studio with ADD Jeff... well, maybe it's not so typical considering the half naked stud Zachery joined us to mix up some cocktails for pride weekend here in NYC ;-)

Some adorable models displaying Baskitwear swim wear for men... no big deal ;-)

Derek and Romaine posing with the beautiful, real life Barbie Doll known only as the fabulous Amanda Lepore!

This sexy piece of ass right here is Jincey Lumpkin... pioneer of Juicy Pink Box porn ;-)

Derek and Romaine with former boy band sensation Lance Bass aka the newest addition to OutQ!  You can catch him on Friday's for "The Pop Ten" countdown.  It's tearin' up intern Katy's heart that she couldn't be there to meet one of her childhood idols

Here are DNR with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary!  It was a pleasure having him in studio.

And last, but certainly not least, Derek and Romaine pose with the smokin' hot Victoria Zdrok and her equally stunning husband.  If looks could rule the world....

So now that you bitches have a taste of the gorgeous and glamourous guests who grace us here at Derek and Romaine, I'd just like to say that I am having an AWESOME second semester here with everyone.  While I'm continuing to learn various tasks associated with the preparations and inner workings of a radio show, I'm also learning so many fasinating things about sexuality, gender, LGBT issues, and LGBT culture.  I'm incredibly priviledged to have landed and internship here with OutQ because I'm learning more than I could ever possibly learn in school. From pop culture to modern day civil rights to sex education, I know I will be leaving this internship with knowledge that most people never obtain within a lifetime.

So I just want to extend gratitude and thanks to Derek, Romaine, Amber, Katie, iShaq, and even Hedda Lettuce (my favorite reoccuring guest!!) for all of these opportunities.  I assure you guys that even after I graduate from my internship, I will not let all of the things I've learned go to waste =)

--Katy the Intern

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hey Bitches! I have to admit this blog post is long overdue. I've been on the show for nearly 6 months and I'm just now updating. We did do some introductions when I first started on the show but for those of you who don't know allow me to reintroduce myself. Prior to joining SiriusXM OutQ as the Executive Producer for the channel and for the Derek and Romaine show I was a producer at In The Life Media. In The Life is an LGBT documentary series that has been airing on public television since 1992. After six years on staff at ITL I decided it was time for a change, I'd been interested in radio for quite some time and obviously have a passion for LGBT issues and media so when a position opened up on DNR and on OutQ I jumped at the chance to join the team.

Now that you know a little about me it's time to get down to business, show me the money (and the love) bitches! Come on, I'm putting my pussy on the line (according to Romaine) and riding 285 miles on a BICYCLE from Boston to NYC in "Braking the Cycle" a ride that benefits the NYC LGBT Centers AIDS services. I will be riding on behalf of team Derek and Romaine - for all of those we've lost to AIDS, for you and for an end to the disease. Please support us by donating at it doesn't matter if you can give a lot or just a little, every bit helps and the faster we reach our $20,000 goal the sooner Derek and Romaine will stop nagging you about it. For the love of god donate, seriously, do we really want to listen to them non stop until September?

Looking forward to hearing from you during the show and thinking of you every inch of every mile (yep all 285 of them)