Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Farewell from Katy the Intern =(

So today is a sad day for me because it's my final day as an intern here with Derek and Romaine.  I wish I could stay here and be a part of the DNR show, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end.

I learned wayyyy more than I ever expected to on my first day here back in January.  Not only did I learn a multitude of things regarding the logistics of working on a radio show, I also learned a lot about sexuality, politics, and celebrity gossip!  I got to work on the Alan Ball Iconography and True Blood special which was extremely exciting because not every intern gets to work on projects as big as those and when I hear someone talk about it, I can proudly say that I was a part of that.

I got to meet sooooo many awesome people!  From porn stars to comedians to drag queens, I was introduced to such a unique and exciting conglomeration of celebrities.  My favorite will always be Hedda Lettuce even though she yelled at me last week to get her coffee!!  (It was actually hilarious)  Not to mention, I was surrounded by so many sexy men and even a ton of equally sexy women!  That was a total bonus ;)

More importantly, I established such an amazing bond with everyone here.  I'll always have a special place in my heart for Derek, Romaine, Amber, Katie, iShaq, and Chanel.  I'm really going to miss working with everybody here because this didn't feel like work at all; it was more like doing/learning really cool things under the guidance of some really incredible mentors =)

While it SUCKS (and not in a good way =P) that I won't be here with Derek and Romaine, they won't have time to forget about me because starting next week, I'll be back and right down the hall because I got a job call screening for the metal journalist legend Eddie Trunk on Monday nights!!!  This internship really opened up SOOOO many doors full of opportunity and I am seriously so lucky and blessed to have been chosen to be a part of this!!

I'm so glad that when I got the call about being an intern here at Sirius XM, I chose Derek and Romaine.  I didn't know who they were or what I was getting into, but once I heard the words "really raunchy and dirty" I knew that's the show I wanted to work with!  I wouldn't change a thing about the choices I made because in the end I know that this was the right one.

So I sadly say "goodbye" to all of you listeners and tonight I will give an even sadder goodbye to everyone here at Derek and Romaine =(

--Katy the Intern

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wanna be an intern on Derek and Romaine?

You have to be eligible for college credit check out the application!

SiriusXM is now recruiting for Fall session interns!  Apply online at

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Here are the smokin' HOT pictures of yesterday's sexy guests.

I garuntee these models promoting the Ascension Beach Party are even hotter than you pictured.

Jaw dopping!

He could be making poison and I would still drink it if he fed it to me


Derek's getting a little grabby with one of the models, but then again, can you blame him?

Romaine is in heaven right now with her dream girl aka Penthouse Pet Krista Ayne!

In case those hot little models didn't do it for you, this piece of ass sure will! 

Back off of Romaine's lady!

WHOA check out that ass!! 

--Katy the intern

Monday, August 15, 2011

In case you guys missed last week...

Here's a recap of our guests =)

Glennda Testone, executive director of the LGBT Community Center discussing the Braking The Cycle ride
Comedian Negin Farsad
Laura Matanah and Hannah Meacock Ross of Rainbow Rumpus
The Queen of Green Hedda Lettuce
Musician Tom Goss
Eddie Shapiro of Gay Days Anaheim
That's Entertainment with Maggie Furlong of AOL TV's The Show Girl

I'm sad to say that today kicks off my second to last week as an intern with Derek and Romaine =(  Hope you bitches don't forget about me =)

--Katy the intern

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So as everyone should know by now, Amber will be riding on behalf of the DNR show for the Braking the Cycle ride.

Amber's original fundriasing goal was $20,000. And yesterday, thanks to all of you generous and kind listeners, we reached our goal!

With this exciting break through for Amber, Romaine announced last night that she will be contributing her efforts to this ride as well by volunteering as a worker!  With this announcement, we have now raised our goal to $35,000!

Please, take the time to donate anything, even just $1 towards the fight against AIDS.  Every penny counts and it will only take just 2 minutes of your time.

Go to to learn more about this noble fundraiser and to donate to Amber.

Not convinced yet?

Here are a few facts that I copied and pasted right from the website that will better inform everyone about the Braking The Cycle efforts and cause:

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center has been at the forefront of providing services in the fight against HIV/AIDS since 1983.

The Center’s Mental Health and Social Services Department, its Youth Program and the related prevention and health policy programs serve more than 3,000 LGBT New Yorkers annually.

1,200 LGBT adults are annually assisted on-site, 33% of whom are people living with HIV or AIDS. An additional 1000 people are provided services off-site, for a total of 7,500 contacts per year.

More than 1,000 teens come to the Center annually for services and leadership training in HIV prevention.

Numerous HIV/AIDS support and advocacy groups meet regularly at the Center. But there’s much more left to be done. Please join the effort, and help us break the cycle of HIV/AIDS.

What Your Participation Buys

Your $3,500 in fundraising allows us to create and distribute over 2,000 safer sex kits.

Your $5,000 in fundraising will send eight at-risk youth to our summer camp – a safe space where they’ll learn to avoid HIV infection through adult and peer counseling.

Your $10,000 in fundraising pays for a full year of counseling for a group of 20 people newly diagnosed with HIV.

And if you'd like to cut out the middle man, here is a link that specifically links you to Amber's page where you can donate right to her =)

So please, help Amber and us at the DNR show reach our goal.  =)

--Katy The Intern

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello Bitches!

Last night we had Glennda Testone Executive Director of the NY LGBT Center and Clay Willilams a third time rider in Braking the Cycle on the show to talk about the AIDS ride from Boston to NYC. We had a blast with them but Derek and Romaine were disappointed to find out I am currently in 3rd place in the who has raised the most funds contest, needless to say we pulled in a bunch of donations during the show last night and the DNR team is well on the way to reaching our goal! Anyway after the interview we snapped a photo with Glennda, Clay, Eric, Derek, Romaine and me (the short one in the middle). Thanks for all of your support!

-Producer Amber

To donate please visit

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tonight's show!

On tonight's show we will be having Christopher Heywood, the VP of Travel & Tourism Public Relations for NYC & Company, on to talk about their new tourism programs for the LGBT community.  Call in at 7:05 PM EST with any and all NY gay marriage questions!  866-305-6887

Then at 8 PM EST Jeremy Blacklow from will be in to talk all the current celeb tabloid rummors.

And of course.. Happy Hour and Koffee Klatsch.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Update by Katy the Intern!

Let me start off this entry by saying I have a serious (no pun intended) case of the blues since my graduation from my internship with Derek and Romaine is less than a month away =(

In any case, we've had an exciting few weeks back at the studio after R Family Vacations.  While we've all been missing Hedda Lettuce who has been a phoner these past few Wednesdays because she has had a slew of comedy shows on the Hudson, we've still been graced by many exciting guests.

Here's a recap of last weeks guests!
- Mara Keisling of the National Center for Transgender Equality
-Ron Miller of Village Lighthouse, Inc
-Josh Berman, creator of Drop Dead Diva
-Tamie Adaya, of Shangri-La Hotel in Santa Monica
-Noah Levy of In Touch Weekly  (We had a super juicy Tabloid Tuesday this passed week between the passing of Amy Winehouse and learning that a crazy fan once left a baby on Dolly Parton's doorstep!)
-Ed Salvato (Travel expert)
-Patrick and Michael from A Note to My Kid (Very touching segment)
-Brian Gianelli from XFinityTV

And this week, we'll be joined by Zachary Barnett with the Abzyme Research Foundation, Christopher Heywood for NYC Tourism, Jeremy Blacklow, and Steve Hayes Tired Old Queen at the Movies upon many other exciting people!

Additionally, I'm proud to say I am finally working on a promo!!  I'm hoping that by the last week of my internship I'll be able to bang out a promo in minutes just like Katie!  I've had a few faux pas on the board (Whoops, sorry guys =/) and I definitely need to work on that, but otherwise, I am so proud of a lot of the work I have been doing here.  I love being able to be creative and do fun and exciting research for Derek and Romaine and I love being given new tasks because it makes me feel trusted and responsible.

I can't wait for you guys to hear my promos (right now I have only done one, but I will make it a mission to complete several more before my internship is over) and I truly am going to miss being here on the show with everyone =)

Until next time,
Katy the intern