Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Felipe Rose-- Village People-- Silent Auction

So the other night during the live broadcast of the Derek and Romaine show we received a very cool phone call. Felipe Rose, of the Village People was on the line with a special offer for the DNR listeners. After listening to Romaine talk about the Cycle for the Cause AIDS Ride, Felipe was so moved by the lengths that Team OutSpoken was going to to raise donation that he decided to offer his help. Felipe has donated one of his Platinum Records as well as a unique piece of art work up for us to do a silent auction with the proceeds benefiting Cycle for the Cause.

This Platinum Record was for the UK sales of the Village People's "Can't Stop The Music". This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of music history. These type of records are only given to artists and producers who have worked on the albums and are rarely made available to the public.

Can't Stop The Music- Platinum UK Record given to Felipe Rose 
In addition to this amazing record Felipe is donating one of these signed limited edition art prints.

One of Felipe's Gold Records is hanging in the Smithsonian and here is your chance to own one of his Platinum Records. This is a piece of LGBT music history and a once in a life time opportuniy. In order to bid on this amazing auction visit the Derek and Romaine Facebook Fan Page and leave your bid in the comments section. The auction will be live from 5:10pm EST Tuesday Aug. 28th and will end on at 8:00pm EST on Friday Aug. 31st. The winner will be contacted by the DNR show and once the winning donation is made to Cycle for the Cause rider Romaine Patterson the items will be shipped to the winner. The starting bid for this auction will be $500. 

Remember this auction is a fund raiser for the Cycle for the Cause AIDS Ride benefiting The LGBT Center's  AIDS services. We ask that only serious bidders make a bid. In the event that the winning bidder is unable to make the donation the next person in the line of bidders will be given the opportunity to make the donation for the item. 


Monday, August 20, 2012

Team OutSpoken Rider vs. Rider FINALS!!!

It is time to crown a champion in our Team OutSpoken Rider Face Off! In our first week of competition Romaine made handy work of Amber (who will be cleaning some bathroom stalls this week). During the second week Iris ran away with a narrow win over A.D.D. Jeff and she will be dishing the good on Romaine this Wednesday's show. But now it is time for our two winners to face off against one another to crown a Team OutSpoken champ! Who will win in this epic battle that pits wife against wife?

Both Iris and Romaine decided that a reward challenge was necessary for the sake of their daughter and their marriage. So they have both picked rewards that the listeners should enjoy.

If Iris wins this week's rider challenge she will reward the listeners with some never before seen pictures of Romaine as a child and teenager. According to Iris these are the pictures Romaine would love to see burned but her mother hid them for Romie. Even Romaine doesn't know what these pictures look like! Since last week Iris earned her rider minimum of $3,000 so this week she has decided to sponsor her niece Haley Patterson who is just a few hundred dollars away from her minimum. Once Haley Patterson reaches that goal Iris will start raising money for herself.  ***UPDATE*** Haley has reached her $3,000 minimum so all donations can now be made to Iris Hernandez directly!
Iris provided a sample picture of Romaine at 16!
Romaine wants to reward the listeners by addressing their complaints about her. Romaine says that the number one complaint she gets from listeners is that she bitches about Iris too much on the air. So she has decided to reward the listeners by taking a week off from taking shit about her wife and will even go as far as to find one nice thing to say about her every day. Plus, she says she will try to curb her cussing for that week since that is the second thing listeners complain about. Romaine wants to ensure that every member of Team OutSpoken has raised at least $3,000 so she will be sponsoring Dan Long in this week's challenge. Dan is a listener of the DNR show who was so inspired by Team OutSpoken he decided to volunteer and work on the Crew for the ride! Once Dan has reached his $3,000 Romaine will start raising funds for herself.
1 week--No H8--just love for Iris!
Bonus: less cussing for the week. 

To Donate to Iris: CLICK HERE

To Donate to Romaine: CLICK HERE

All donations must be received by Friday, August 17th at 5pm EST.

The winner will be announced during Friday's live broadcast of Derek and Romaine and the reward will follow TBA.

UPDATE (as of 5:45pm EST) DAY 1:
Iris has raised: $630
Romaine has raised: $550

UPDATE (as of5:15pm EST) Day 2: 
Iris has raised: $790
Romaine has raised: $2410

UPDATE (as of 5:30pm EST) Day 3:
Iris has raised: $1,100
Romaine has raised: $2,470

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Turnabout is fair play...

Hello my name is: Iris

Hello DNR listeners,
Every time I have ever gone to a Derek and Romaine event I always get asked the same question, "how do you deal with all the things Romaine says about you on the air?"  The truth is I don't listen to the show much anymore because as you know Romaine doesn't always have the nicest things to say about me.

The second question I get asked by listeners is, "why don't you ever call into the show and put her in her place?" The reason is because I am actually very shy and don't like the sound of my voice on the radio. But trust me there have been many times I have been tempted. But temptation is turning into reality!

Turnabout is fair play...

As you know this week I am competing against ADD Jeff in the Team OutSpoken Rider vs Rider Challenge. He has promised some dirty web chat thing if he raises the most donations this week but I am rewarding the listeners with something better! I am giving listeners a 30 minute live Q&A on the DNR show to ask me any questions they have about Romaine and our life together. The best part is that she will not be in the room and will not be allowed to listen to my segment EVER! Which means we will all be in on the secrets and she will be out in the cold. Trust me when I say she is already freaking out at the idea. Romaine lives to be in control of everything and this is killing her.

In the early part of the week you guys helped me reach my $3,000 rider minimum so I can now participate in the Cycle for the Cause AIDS Ride. However, my niece Haley Patterson has not. That's why I am throwing my full support behind her. With any luck you will help me get Haley qualified to participate in the ride and help me beat ADD Jeff in the Rider Challenge. He hates to lose so I know he will come on strong on Friday. Don't let me down guys and I promise I will spill the beans. It will be worth it just to watch Romaine squirm!
Romaine when I WIN!
Thank YOU for your support!

Monday, August 13, 2012

OutSpoken Rider Challenge Iris Vs. A.D.D. Jeff

Last week kicked off our Team OutSpoken Rider Challenge where each week two of our riders will square off against one another to see who can raise the most donations in a 5 day time period. This tournament will be taking place over 3 weeks. Romaine was the winner of our first week and will square off in the finals against the winner of this week's challenge.

Week 2!

                             Romaine's wife Iris vs. A.D.D. Jeff
A.D.D. Jeff
After Iris reached her $3,000 minimum after the first day in the rider challenge she decided to sponsor fellow teammate and family member Haley Patterson.**UPDATE** A.D.D. Jeff has helped  Team OutSpoken member Jeremy Blacklow raise his $3,000 minimum requirement and now listeners can donate to A.D.D. Jeff directly. This Rider Challenge is heating up!!!

Both Iris and A.D.D. Jeff are after your donations and have chosen to reward the listeners should they fail to raise the most funds this week.

If Iris raises the most money this week she has promised the listeners a Romaine is away tell all segment on the DNR show. In this segment Iris will kick Romaine out of the studio and answer as many listener questions as she can squeeze into 30 minutes. She promises to reveal all the goods about her infamous and often not so nice wife.

If A.D.D. Jeff raises the most money this week he has promised a live DNR web chat where he will share raunchy stories of his sex life and answer listeners secret questions about his time spent with the DNR crew.

To Donate to Iris's Cause: Click Here to Donate

To Donate to A.D.D. Jeff's Cause: Click Here to Donate

All donations must be received by Friday, August 17th at 5pm EST.

The winner will be announced during Friday's live broadcast of Derek and Romaine and the reward will follow TBA.

UPDATE (as of 3:40pm EST) DAY 1: 
Iris has raised: $275
ADD Jeff has raised: $125

UPDATE (as of 4:15pm EST) DAY 2:
Iris has raised: $1,080
ADD Jeff has raised: $975

UPDATE (as of 5:20pm EST) DAY 3:
Iris has raised; $1400
ADD Jeff has raised: $975

DonDon rides the Pole, so Team Outspoken can ride their Bikes

Our Cycle for the Cause fundraiser finally hit the $30,000 mark last week, and we're more than happy for  all the donations! We seriously thank all you guys for the support and we hope it continues. Our beloved intern, DonDon, was all set and ready to go perform for you all as part of the deal...however, he is currently away in Ptown! We were bummed we would have to wiat for his return. However, DonDon delivered the goods and graced us with this lovely performance this past weekend!

Please take your time, enjoy it, replay it and bask in the glory with us of the $30,000 we raised for Team Outspoken and a shirtless DonDon! Let's keep the good times rolling on and off the bike! ;)

Don't forget to keep on donating for more lovely presents provided to you from the Derek and Romaine Show and crew! Click here for the details!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

BEWARE of the Wicked Spider...

AMBER...and her web of LIES!

So Amber just got done posting a blog entry about how she is winning the Team OutSpoken Rider vs. Rider Challenge this week. Well, that part is true and that is about where the truth ends. You see gentle listeners Amber has weaved a beautiful web of lies and has caught many of your in her trap. She has told you a tale of many untruths.

This is the picture of a liar!

Now, I am not calling her a liar just for a reaction. I am calling her a liar because it is true. In her recent blog post she provided a picture of a hairy backed man to entice you to give her donations. But that picture is not of the actual man she has lined up. Oh no. Why? Because she has NO PROOF of the hair on his body! She just shows you any incredibly hairy back she can find to try to trick you into giving her donations.
Evidence A: This is NOT the man from team Eagle!
But even more damning is her so called evidence of the cleanliness of the bathroom she will have to clean should she lose the rider challenge. I hate to do this and I do but I must provide the TRUTH on this matter. I took my cell phone into the bathroom to capture the real evidence. The evidence she was trying to hide from you because she doesn't want to clean what you will see in the following pictures.
Evidence B: Inside the oval are urine splatters on the seat. 

Evidence C: Typical poo type mess left in a stall. 

Evidence D: Amber's version of "evidence" 
Somethings SMELLS not so pretty about Amber's tale but I will let the evidence speak for itself. Take from it what you will.

Derek and Romaine listeners, I will not lie to win this rider challenge because I have integrity on my side. So I simply ask that cast your donations and vote with your conscience. I am raising donations this week for my cousin Rene Rodriguez. She work in IT and hails from Austin, TX. She will be driving her and her bike from there to NYC just to participate in this ride with me. I want her to see how amazing our listeners are and I want the DNR listeners to show her how awesome she is for taking this journey with Team OutSpoken so that we might help those living with HIV. Please donate to Rene as she has a long way to go yet to reach her  $3,000 minimum donations mark needed to participate in the ride. Thank you.



Twenty Twenty Twenty Four Hours To Go, Romaine Will Wanna Be Sedated...

Well bitches we are 24 hours away from revealing the winner in Team OutSpoken's first RIDER HEAD TO HEAD CHALLENGE! Romaine started strong leading in funds raised for her cousin Rene but it wasn't long before I stole the lead raising funds for the wonderful Chad. I'm happy to say Chad has reached the $3,000 amount which means we have another teammate who is eligible to ride but we're not done yet and neither is this challenge so keep your donations coming!

Remember if Romaine loses she has to suffer my punishment of nuzzling up against a nice big hairy mans chest and back hair (mm-mm yummy).

In case you forgot Romaine's punishment for me is to clean the bathroom on the 36th floor here at SiriusXM, well I wanted to make sure you had an idea of what I'd be "scrubbing" so I took a few photos today...not really punishment if you ask me looks pretty damn clean already.

Keep the donations coming :o)


Intern Jerry's Taste Test

Let me just start off by saying I look disgusting in every one of these pictures, you can see my gobble-gobble. Great, now that that is out of the way, here is what they did to me last Monday. And might I add, I was extremely relieved that none of the food items were anything outrageously disgusting like I had expected. THANK YOU ROMAINE. Seriously expected bull testicles or something of that nature. Gross.

Anyway, you can see the spawn of Satan's hands preparing my platefuls of delectable treats while I awaited my doom in the hallway.  If you missed the show, they were: seaweed, pork rinds, guava juice, spam, octopus, rice crispy treat, peach pie, poppy seed cake filling & Gerber kids mini hot dogs. They then proceeded to double-blindfold me and set the following rules: 1.) not allowed to touch the food with my hands 2.)Can smell it & put my lips/tongue on it 3.) Thirty seconds to guess the item or else I had to eat it. Below you can see Derek blindfolding me (his dream come true).

Needless to say, the only ones I got right were the rice crispy treat & pork rinds, which I inhaled anyway. However, in my defense I had never eaten any of the other items before. Check out me going down on some SPAM, that shit smelt nasty.

You can also see here my reaction to the SPAM with Romaine's devilish grin in the background, along with a cameo from my Saturday night hickey #ooops. Below is the poppy seed filling (yay for now being able to test positive for opiates!) and me snorting up some seaweed.

                  The Gerber kids mini hot dogs were not as gross as they look, just tasted like a regular 'ole hot dog.

After I was through with tasting them, Derek took it upon himself to eat the rest--and pretty much everything else I tasted. That man always has a wiener in his mouth.
If there is one thing I learned after all was tasted & done, it's that I need to broaden my food horizons because I failed the taste test with flying colors of the rainbow flag. Question is, what will I put in my mouth next?

Also, don't forget to donate to Team Outspoken for Cycle for the Cause in order to see what crazy shit happens next to the staff of The Derek & Romaine Show. Don-Don is doing a pole dance in a thong when we reach $30,000! You'll get to see what I see every night in bed ;) Our goal is $100,000 so donate bitches! It'll be worth it to see what happens to our crew, I promise.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The List

Hey bitch. Yes, you trying to avoid this post because you know you haven't done your part to help the DNR show in the fight against AIDS! Team Outspoken is training hard to participate in Cycle for the Cause, the 300-mile bike ride from Boston to NYC that Romaine has been talking about for the past three months.This year our goal is to reach $100,000 in donations for the NYC LGBT AIDS services. We desperately need you to donate! Some of you have done your part in the movement to fight AIDS but SOME OF YOU (Not pointing any fingers) have been sitting around waiting for something magical to happen so you can have a reason to help the fabulous Team Outspoken! Well wait no longer the DNR team, mostly Romaine and her maniacal...I mean magical mind has come up with some titillating  rewards/punishments to inspire you to GIVE US SOME MONEY! 
20K- Intern Don Don left alone on air 
25K Intern Jerry Taste Testing Challenge
30k Don Don pole dances in a thong!
35K Sex Toy giveaway (randomly give away 3 toys an hour for a full show)
40K Katie will Volunteer at the LGBT center
45K Kristen TM will shave her head!
50K Amber has to touch a porn star penis
55K Jeff will do a sexy strip tease dance video
60K Romaine and Iris will be handcuffed together for 24 hours
70K Everyone wears a dress day (team challenge)
75K Derek has to do spin classes
80K Team goes to church
85K Derek Volunteers for crew
90K Stocking Promotion 20 Stockings
95K Stocking Promotion 30 Stockings
100K Listener reward trip---someone will get to fly to NYC and host the show

Monday, August 6, 2012

OutSpoken Rider Challenge Amber Vs. Romaine

This week kicks off our Team OutSpoken Rider Challenge where each week two of our riders will square off against one another to see who can raise the most donations in a 5 day time period. This tournament will be taking place over the next 3 weeks.

Week 1!

                       Producer Amber vs. Romaine

Producer Amber

Because each of them has raised the minimum $3,000 to participate in the the ride they have each selected another member of Team OutSpoken to sponsor in order to help their teammates meet their goals. Romaine will be sponsoring OutSpoken Team member and her cousin from Texas Rene Rodriguez. Amber will be sponsoring OutSpoken Team member and fitness guru Chad Woodard. Each of them are after your donations and are will to subject themselves to punishment should they fail to raise the most funds this week.

If Amber raises the most money this week for her sponsored rider Chad Woodard then Romaine has to snuggle up to a fat hairy backed man from Team Eagle.

If Romaine raises the most money this week for her sponsored rider Rene Rodriguez then Amber has to clean the infamous dirty bathroom of the Sirius/XM studios.

To Donate to Amber's Cause: Click Here to Donate

To Donate to Romaine's Cause: Click Here to Donate

All donations must be received by Friday, August 10th at 5pm EST.

The winner will be announced during Friday's live broadcast of Derek and Romaine and the punishment will follow TBA.

UPDATE (as of 4pm EST) Day 1:
Amber has raised $485
Romaine has raised $645

UPDATE (as of 5pm EST)  Day 2:
Amber has raised $1510
Romaine has raised $695

UPDATE (as of 4:30pm EST) Day 3:
Amber has raised $2,365
Romaine has raised $930

We have a winner!!! ROMAINE!!!!
Amber raised $2,385
Romaine raised $2,615

But more importantly...both Chad and Rene reached their $3,000 goal and can now participate in the Cycle for the Cause AIDS Ride. Thanks bitches!