Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Fabulous Katie joined in on the fun last night!

This week we've welcomed resident New Yorkers who make this city fabulous!

Last night I snapped some photos of our lovely guests.    While uploading them, I crossed my fingers, hoping that had I taken decent pics - otherwise, I could just hear Derek wanting to know why I can't even take a fucking picture ... and Romaine breaking out the paddle once reserved for Bobby The Intrern, and chrsitening my ass with his initials.  (That's the closest that Finally-Got-Some-Dick-Bobby-The-Bottom-Intern would ever get to my ass!)  Which reminds me, I wonder if he's the same Bobby that keeps sending me friend requests on FaceBook?  Doesn't that mother fucker realize that his ability to send multiple requests, means I'm declining him more than all those credit cards he keeps apply for?  But if Bobby is cute and has managed to retain a tight pussy, maybe I'd fuck him and instead of dowloading DNR pics, I'd be sending those pics to his imbred boyfriend.

BTW, does anyone around this place empty the fucking files in the show camera?  (They should never have let me get my hands on this camera!)  I don't think all of these pictures were of "guests," especially the one that appears to be a blurry self-inspection/close-up of Bobby's anal warts.  Besides taking pics of his
open ass, it looks like the former intern occassionally used the camera for show purposes.  I'll share a couple that caught my attention ...

I was living for this one!  I love me some Jackie Collins ... there is no shame in her game.  I  think Romaine should be the inspiration for her next book, Dangerous Dildo Whispers ...

Speaking of tawdry tales, I bet these hotties from the Ascension Party have enough Fire Island stories to fill two or three Jackie novels! For some reason the only words that come to mind are DOUBLE PENETRATION.  I'm wondering if Derek has an interesting story to share?

Yep, he definitely has a story to share ...

All this drama and dick has me sidetracked.  Back to last night-

The handsome gentleman, Jerry of Suenos visited the show and Chef Sue Torres made sure we had plenty of mouth watering cuisine from her fabulous progressive Mexican restuarant.  I'm thinking about tasting the Jerry's "Real Deal" Margarita ... and not the one on the menu, okay???

The Big Ol' Queens (a.k.a. Douglas Quint & Bryan Petroff) from the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop were also here last night and made sure that we didn't have plenty of mouth watering desserts from the shop.  Can somebody please tell them to hell with the goddamn T-shirts!  We wanted fucking ice cream and desserts ... the last thing any of us needed was
another goddamn cum rag!  (I think we should order carry out and not fucking pay)

Last but not least, Emeric Harney from Harney & Sons Fine Teas stopped by and discussed all things tea.
Romaine impressed him with her vast knowledge of tea.  It's a good thing he brought gifts or she would have pressed him harder than that last batch of tea he made.  Oh, by the way, let me give you the 'T' on that visit ... multiple people in our studio wanted a private, shale we say, tasting, of all the tea Emeric had to offer!

Aww, look at Romaine ready for tea in a fancy Betty cup

Until next time, bitches-
Eric The Intern