Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Proof is in the pictures!!!

Hello bitches! Over the past few weeks you have been donating to the Cycle for the Cause in support of Team OutSpoken. Along the way you have earned a few rewards and now it is time for the DNR show staff to pay up.

First up, Amber! She lost the first rider challenge and that led to her having to clean the 36th floor women's bathroom at the Sirius/XM studios. You've heard us talk about them many times and Amber tried to avoid her task by heading out of town to all the political conventions but her cleaning supplies were waiting on her desk for her return. As you can see from the pictures below the task was one she was not excited about but is seems as though she has survived. 
Amber doesn't look happy.
But she has everything she needs!

Holy SHIT what's in there? 

Scubba Dub Dub...clean that toilet Amber!
That's a lot of paper towels! 
Amber has a keen eye and to attention to details.

The same week you guys earned the above Amber punishment several of you were trying to get Romaine punished in the form of a hairy backed man! Even though Romaine won the rider challenge and she didn't have to snuggle a hairy back she felt like the listeners who donated to amber deserved to be rewarded too. So last night on the show Barry Ort from Team Eagle dropped by to brag about how his team is beating Team OutSpoken in fundraising and he also took off his shirt to reveal his hairy chest and back! 
Barry gets ready! 
As he ripped off his shirt Romaine prepared herself mentally!

LOOK at that Back Hair!!!

Once Romaine was prepped to take on her worst nightmare she placed her hands on Barry's back. Slowly making her way towards the snuggle. 

Hands first. You can do it Romaine!
Snuggle up butter cup!

Romaine faces her fears! Literally!

 Last But not least when we reached $45,000 Romaine's friend Kristen volunteered to shave her head. So we put it to a vote to see what hair style the listeners actually wanted to see Kristen end up with and you bitches made things easy on Kristen and said she could get a pixie cut. So here are the before and after photos. 

If you LOVE what you see and we know you do. Don't forget to donate to Team OutSpoken in the Cycle for the Cause! 

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