Thursday, April 9, 2009

Better Late Than Never - Wednesday's Show

Hey Bitches, sorry for the delay in getting Wednesday's show recap up, but I was stuck in Oklahomo without a broadband signal.

During Koffee Klatch, Derek and Romaine were joined by 2003's Survivor: Amazon winner Jenna Morasca letting us know that not only can she cut someone's throat (Survivor-style) that she can also kick some ass on TNA Wrestling's "TNA iMPACT", every Thrusday night at 9:00pm E.T. on SpikeTV. There was quite a disturbing conversation (for the gay boys) about women's bush. We learned that Jenna herself is shaved clean and there was talk about other women's being toothpick thin, overgrown, Hitler's moustache, etc...Sorry Lesbians, I had to tune out before I passed out.

During the second hour we were treated to a special treat when author, sex educator, activist, (oh, the list just goes on and on) Carol Queen joined The Dildo Whisperer with Romaine. Dishing out sex and sex toy advice for the masses. Carol is also an owner at Good Vibrations one of Romaine's favorite sex stores. Due to work, I didn't get to listen to very many of the calls, sorry about that bitches.

For the third hour The Bitches were joined by the UBERHOT Ken Hunt owner of Steel Gym in NYC. He had some wonderful advice for many of the listeners about diet, working out, and what not to do if you're trying to get in shape. He says to stay away from caffeine and soda and fast food if you really want to do the easiest thing to lose weight and get into shape. Our own crazy caller Ryan in CT sounded remarkably together when asking how to deal with being a night owl and keeping a good diet. Derek and Romaine also had some great advice for the trucker listeners like walk for 10 minutes everytime you get out of the truck and buy some rubber exercise bands and use those to get into better shape with resistance training.

During The Happy Hour, it was Desperately Fucking Angry: The Show Addition, The Bitches took angry calls about what the listeners don't like about the show and the normal angry calls as well. Most importantly, there was a DFA call about the National Organization for Marriage's new commercial that is going to be played on major networks in New York, New Jersey, New Hamphire and Maine. Use your voice and call your local affiliates where it's being played and complain, this shitty propaganda doesn't need to be aired. There were a lot of calls (I was driving and couldn't keep track of names) who didn't like that Derek and Romaine use foul language (i.e. Cunt, Fuck, Shit, you get the idea). There was a call who complained about Falcon Exclusive Erik Rhodes talking about drugs and alcohol during his guest co-host spot last week. (what is with all of the stick in the mud listeners since the XM simulcast?) There was a caller who was angry that he and his partner have a child and he gets sick of being asked "how much it (the baby) cost?" or "who is the mommy?" Well, I don't even know what to say about that, this must be the downside of the "Gaybie Boom". My own favorite bitch Lowgear had the Last Call defending Erik Rhodes (she secretly wants to strap one on and bend him over) and telling The Bitches that they should drink more.

That's it bitches, sorry my blog isn't as timely or complete, but I do have to work (I was on vacation last time)

Trucker James

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