Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cash And Carry On!

This is what is wrong with America. They had to put change next to the cash register at the Hale and Hearty salad place. Because people don't know how much a fucking quarter is anymore! WTF?!


  1. that's sad! i would have taken a picture of that too. nice derek

  2. OMG - Just caught the rebroadcast of this show this morning. Truly horrifying, but not surprising at all.

    One of my first jobs was as counter help at McDonalds back when registers were less automated and one actually had to think and know how to add and subtract. I had to count back the change in relation to the amount of money the customer provided for the transaction; nowadays most cashiers bunch up the bills around the coins and plop in your hand. If you're lucky you get a thank you or at least a grunt and smirk.

    Some of the misused words that drive me bonkers include "seen" as in "Yeah, I seen that..." and "munch" as in "Thank you very munch."

    Today we have a society that seems so apoplectic about proper grammar and spelling. I don't think you can blame this entirely on the advent of texting. When I text I have to try really hard to not go back and correct abbreviations for fear that the person I'm texting won't understand what they hell I'm trying to tell them.

    Schools don't teach anymore. Instead they prepare students to take assessment tests with the end results being a good score for the school district. What future generations (and our country) desperately needs are people who graduate from our education system with core skills they can use to get through life with a minimum of public assistance. If you cannot balance a checking account, read and pay a bill, count back change (or count chickens) you're bound to need some level of help during the course of your life. Without these requisite skills you are, in essence, less self-sufficient and that type of person is not what America in the 21st Century and beyond will need to remain competitive.

    To make a point, I was reading an article at on actor Gale Harold of Queer as Folk and Desperate Housewives and one commenter wrote... "i would love to see him knite with out a shit that would be damn sexy." as reference to someone who suggested he take up knitting and never ride his motorcycle again. As you can see this person - probably texting - either didn't proofread what he wrote or has no idea that KNITE isn't the same as KNIT; that WITH OUT should be WITHOUT and SHIT probably was meant to be SHIRT.

    Thanks for the show. Keep up the great work over at SiriusXM.

  3. Hey - what's up with putting a DECIMAL in front of the numerical characters and a (largely outdated) CENTS symbol after them? Isn't that redundant? Oh well - I guess whoever put the card together isn't that far ahead of the cashier who cannot count back change.

  4. How fucking dumb are the people that buy things at hale and hearty!!! Besides Pannera Bread is soooo much better

  5. Welcome to America!

  6. his made me laugh, I always get the same look and lambasting from everyone when I bitch about people not having to learn English to become an American citizen. That and why my damn ballot is in 4 different languages but we are all voting on someone in the US. Explains how Arnold became Governor now doesn't it....People see the Terminator and not the real Arnold.
    Not surprised at all at an index card with coins taped to it. Here's a thought if they just hand you back the change next time....lay it al out on the counter and make sure it's all there. Makes the cashier look at ya funny and the people behind ya wait longer.....


  7. Hey Derek,
    Its no better up here in Canada same problem man. What is this world coming to man,