Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thirteenth Ammendment

Back in 1865 a radical idea was put into place as part of the United States Constitution. The 13th amendment freed an entire race and country from the ugliness of slavery.

Or so we thought.

Last week I was IM'ing with a particular host of a particular satellite radio show and was informed that I was to be a blogger - that's what the kids call it. So here I am today, sitting in my cubicle with very important papers to push and TPS Reports that have to get out and on top of all that, NOW i have to blog?!

I don't remember having my teeth checked or hearing what my stud fee was but apparently I am now working on the Sirius Plantation.

They say you should write about what you passionate about but has got that already covered so I guess I will have to resign myself to snarky comments on television, celebrities and Massa' Derek's radio show.

At the various meet and greets with other listeners, people have come up to me and said that I looked nothing like they expected. Instead of posting pictures of myself to clarify any misconceptions, I have decided to post pictures of my future ex-boyfriends to keep you coming (hee hee) back if my scintillating text is not enough for you - even though we both know it is. It should also keep my visitor count higher than Michelle's and that's what is really important.

I had to break up with the guy at the top because he wouldn't pickup his dirty laundry.

I gotta go, that cotton's not gonna pick itself.


  1. oh Jesus. We can go with out the bs Stanton. Nobody wants to see those ugly ass guys. Patti keep up the good work.

  2. Well who is this new anonymous??
    Stanton finally figured it all out. I know this tech stuff can be difficult at times but for a man your age it is nice to see they do have computers at the home.


  3. I side with Nony-1, (the original of course) but it looks as if I may have bagged at JUST the right time.

    Turning into a pin-up catalog rather than the even-paced "show catch-up" set in by the guest bloggers, could send the site off-kilter, but what do I know anyway?

    Well I don't run an uber-popular show blog, so how would I know what would drive it into the ground? lol, whatev's

  4. Wow! I Can't believe someone agreed with me. This is a show blog, not you pin-up catalog Stanton. I agree with 'Nony. Please stop posting pics unless it's of people they have had on the show. Thanks