Friday, April 3, 2009

FROM MY PERSPECTIVE-TRUCKER PATTI-Frank DeCaro Show Featuring Derek Hartley

Hey Bitches! With all the material I have tried to digest between the Frank DeCaro Show featuring Derek Hartley and the Doria and Romaine Show, I had decided to give each show their own post.

I said in my blog about the Doria and Romaine Show that I would not say anything about the mistakes made on the Frank show, so I won't say a word about the fact that the show started off with no intro and then Frank trying to sing, LOL!

First of all, bitches, I am a terrible note taker as any of my college professors would have told you, if they weren't DED dead! I have a note that Frank slept in NNRT, whatever that means.

What I could understand, though, is that a caller gave information about a Bear gathering in Erie, PA at a water park this weekend. It is called Drenched Fur and it was agreed by all that donations for whoever has to clean out the drains at the waterpark after the bears are gone, should be collected!

Another thing I won't say one word about is how Frank got on the phone with Lisa Arcella with Ok Magazine! She talked about the rumor that John Mayer might be gay and mentioned that 22 year old Linsay Lohan was looking over thirty. Derek interjected his formula for looking young, because we all know he is almost 40 and looks 27. The formula was first introduced in the move "Gremlins". It was told to the new owners of a gremlin called Gizmo (my very own puppy who looked like Gizmo as a baby, is named for this gremlin) when they were giving instructions for care and feeding. It is simple. Do not get wet, do not go out in the sun and do not eat after midnight!

Unfortunately, since I have to work for a living, I missed most of Bob Saget's interview, having to be out of the truck. I do know, however, that the goody two shoes Dad in "Full House" is actually a bit of a dirty bird in real life!

Derek admitted that he is running low on DNR show decals, so you better get one while he still has them. Poor Certifiable had his truck vandalized and the show signs he had made for the Frank DeCaro Show and the DNR Show were messed up. All I can say is "Those stupid, unenlightened, ignorant, moronic, CRETINS who did such a terrible thing!

Doria and Romaine called in and it appears there is already footage of Doria partying on gay wired, but I couldn't find it. Our poor Doria did, however, have a shopping incident! She stumbled into Liz Claiborn at the Outlet Malls and thought she had wandered into a plus size shop. Liz Claiborn is so not your style, Doria. She got the hell out of there, traumatized and made it into True Religion!

Our favorite hot mess from the DNR show, called the Frank DeCaro Show, featuring Derek Hartley. That's right, our Ryan in Connecticut called the Frank show for the first time and admitted he was starting to like Derek more than Romaine, because Derek was helping him be, OH HORROR OF HORRORS, sane! Say it isn't so, Ryan!

There is a note to myself about "Blazing Saddles" being a truly funny movie, which I agree with, but can't remember why I wrote it.

I am blogged out Bitches - Love and Hugs - Patti

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