Friday, April 24, 2009

Romaine has been a bad girl.

So what else is new? I promised to set up a pay pal account that listeners could donate to if they wanted to help Trucker James raise funds to buy a new computer after he was robbed of his at gun point. I started to get it all set up today and then I thought it was actually better if James set it up so the funds go directly into his account rather then me having to send them to him later. Then I thought well if I don't get it set up Derek is going to yell at me on the air tonight. Then I thought I should just call Trucker James to see what he preffered. I realized after coming up with this plan that I don't have his phone number. So I sent Michelle from San Fran an txt message because I know she has his phone number. She didn't txt me back. So here I sit. And just now I realized this little nugget of information: How is Trucker James going to set up the Pay Pal donations account if he doesn't have a computer because his was stolen at gun point? And yes, I realize that sentence was a run on. Derek should have fun with that along with all the other errors. Okay, so after all that shit I am going to go set up that Pay Pal account now.

Now for an excersise in Romaine's computer skills...below should be the donations link to make a donation!

Trucker James Donation Page!


  1. Rob (from Massachusetts)April 25, 2009 at 9:27 AM

    LOL. I can just hear Derek bitching now! Can't wait to catch the rebroadcast of this show. Thanks for setting up the PayPal page, I'll make a donation shortly.

  2. Romaine! I'm so sorry I was at work and didn't get your text until a year later. OK maybe a month. Oh wait maybe an hour. OK. I'm drunk.