Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Uncle Ream-Us

OK, if you were listening tonight, and why wouldn't you, someone sort of 'lost it" with J. C Adams and the racial makeup of the current porn world.


Oh, apparently, that "someone" was me.

What's that you say J.C? The studios can't find men of color?

Where are they looking? Sure Chi Chi and other directors go to gay bars looking for performers. When was the last time they went to a Black or Asian bar to look? I don't know either. I've never seen her or Colt advertise that they were going to.

And wasn't this the same excuse when they "couldn't" find Latin performers before they became less fetishized and more mainstream?

Are there other alternatives to Chi Chi or Colt?


But if I wanted to be in porn why would I go to a studio making "Colored Cocks" or "Thugbang IV"?

Why would I want to work for a studio that doesn't even give me a person's name and instead, promoted me (if they promoted me at all) under the name "Dark-E" or "Cockzilla"?

Not that the latter would be all that undescriptive.

Sure, there are movies that have had a Black guy - Matthew Rush made several for Falcon but when did you ever see another Black guy in those movies - let alone performing with Matthew? Even when it's primarily a Black cast with a White guy the White guy is still the focus.

Sure, there are movies that are all Black just like there are All Feet and All Oral movies - fetishes. And the comment was made that porn is not reality but fantasy.

If it is fantasy it can be cast any way the director or studio want. It can take place in space. It can occur in the 1920's.

It can also have a racially diverse cast.

I'm sure there are a few racially diverse movies out there but I bet they are on the Ethnic shelf in the store.

When was the last time you saw a movie with an Asian leather daddy or a Black twink? The excuse is that, "We can't find them."

I can find them on XTube performing for FREE, but you want me to believe that a giant studio with national, if not worldwide resources and talent scouts can't?

Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's a watersports video.

After my little "episode", I IM'd Derek and asked if they had had Black porn stars on the show. Matthew Rush, sure. Can anyone remember any other Black stars on the show?


I double-dog-dared Derek to have 4 on by the end of the year.

We'll see.

Oh, one more thing J. C. : If the movie has an All White cast?


This week's exboyfriend had to be kicked to the curb. Turned out he was Black. Yeeesh!!

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