Monday, April 13, 2009

Derek in a swimsuit. A two piece?

So if you've been listening over the past two shows - not counting Friday's reru...I mean, "Best of" you have heard about the opportunity to win a trip to see Derek at Vegas Pride this year. I highly recommend not entering. You have no chance of winning and I'm pretty sure that when I read the details, its a trip to Vegas, Iraq. And they hate <> there.

In the Monday Mailbag (which I always thought should have been called The Male Sac) Romaine told us about the email she received from Jeremiah and how he had been targeted by some of the listeners. I don't understand why anyone attacked Jeremiah. It just seems wrong.

Romaine shared that she also thought it was wrong to attack a listener. She stated how it made her feel bad that someone would be targeted. question Romaine:

How do you justify that position with the "Suck It Stanton" campaign that you spearheaded? The repetitive, mean-spirited attack on a lone (very cute) listener all alone in his cubicle. Enlisting hoards of minions to your dark mission to wear me down. Just when I would start to put the shreds of my self-esteem together someone would yell out that painful phrase and tear me down again-leaving me broken and battered (mmm... battered)- a shell of the man I once was. It hurt my feelings.

Both of them.
And if were were going to target any listener we should start with GM.

Last week Hedda was on with her top 10 list of things you shouldn't have in your home. Here's mine:

10.Pleated pants

9. Fat free cheese

8. The unattractive

7. Two and a Half Men

6. Fluorescent lighting

5. Cheap liquor

4. Time Warner

3. The morning show

2. Crocs

1. My mother

The exboyfriend seen above had to be kicked to the curb for being a backseat driver.


  1. I have none of those things in my house...except cheap liquor, but the boy bought that, and that was before he knew me. It's old he knows better.

  2. Oh suck it Stanton! You brought that phrase on yourself! I don't feel bad for you! OH NO!

  3. When I picture Stanton, I think of a grown up Urkel character from Family Matters for some reason. I picture the glasses (on a chain) and a sweater vest. What do you picture?

  4. come Derek's trip to Las Vegas Pride isn't listed on the 2009 events list?