Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday Night's Show Recap

Hey Bitches, it is midnight and I have to be up at 0400 to deliver, so this is going to be a short entry, sorry for that, I spent the night doing something very special for for Friday that I will announce on tomorrow's show.

In the first hour, we had a very, very special treat. Tom Lennon who plays Lt. Jim Dangle on Comedy Central's hit show Reno911! called in to talk about the 6th season of the show and his current movies I Love You Man and 17 Again. This was a real treat for me as I have a little bit of a crush on Lt. Dangle, those long creamy white legs, those Ray Ban aviators, mmm, but I digress. Check out the new season on Comedy Central.

In the second hour, Jeremy Blacklow from came by to dish the dirt on celebrities for Tabloid Tuesday. We found out the Linday Lohan and Samantha Ronson are kuput, and just like lesbians, court protection orders are involved (watch it Michelle and Kristen, this is your future). We heard about Zac Efron's amazing abs, Madonna's inability to become Angelina Jolie and adopt every child in Africa, Miley Cyrus and her quest to be a mainstream movie star, and did I mention Zac Efron's amazing abs?

The incomparable Hedda Lettuce joined Derek and Romaine in studio for the whole third hour to tell all of us the 10 Things You Should NOT Have In Your House. The original Green One (no I'm not talking about the Hulk) was out to take pesticides, air fresheners, plastic bags and anti-bacterial products that are not evironmentally friendly off our shelves and replace them with green, eco-friendly, non carcinogenic products that will make us healthier and be better for the environment. However, Romaine had different ideas and decided none of Hedda's advice was for her.

Honestly, The Happy Hour was a little bit of a yawn tonight, there was no dramatic callers, no crazies (even Ryan in CT's crazy assed calls seem commonplace now), no listener trash talk or dial tones for anyone who couldn't follow the rules. It was unfortunate 'cause that's the shit I like to write about. WHERE WERE YOU ALL? It sucks to not comment on you? Romaine did say that she is not on the rag this week, she is only angry because Iris did not have anything to say to Romaine after she came back from being away for five days at the Dinah Shore Weekend.(Ah, poor Romaine).

Anyway Bitches, my gay ass is tired and off to bed, see you tomorrow.

Trucker James


  1. Once again Trucker James, another nice blog entry. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the photos! Great blog, despite being exhausted.