Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jane, get me off this crazy web address!!!

Yeah, I'm finally back.

I know its been a while and I have yet to fix the whole thing about this blog not being in the "right" place. Hey, it's on the Internet, what more do you want from me Derek?

Like the rest of you I've been listening to the show and while I'm not "the World's Greatest Psychic Medium" (more of a Psychic Petite - Psychic Juniors at the most) I would have predicted that Hedda's appearance would have covered more of the intricacies of "being green": Making your own vodka out of left over french fries or a tip to rinse out and reuse your condoms. But hey, she covered all of the basics, I didn't really pay attention because I don't care about the environment.

I've been told that we should recycle because we didn't inherit the earth from our parents but are the caretakers of the earth for the next generation.

Fuck 'em.

I hate kids and I'm all for them being ignorant and unemployable. I don't need the competition in the workforce and who doesn't want an unending supply of hot, desperate 20 year olds?

Houseboy anyone?

So we heard all about Romaine's tax refund and all of the callers trying to tell her that is was a REFUND and should have been her money to begin with. I don't care abut I was interested in her plans to use the money for her upcoming wedding. I wonder how much she is allocating for the bachelorette party and if Iris will have her own. I imagine a remote broadcast from The Bunny Ranch so that it can be paid for by Sirius. Romaine better remember to get her wedding hoodie dry cleaned.

We talked about various television shows and I don't watch many of the ones discussed. I kicked Time Warner to the curb year before last.

Centuries from now when the aliens take over the planet and look into the annals (hee hee) of history they will learn about the great evils of our society" Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler and yes, Time Warner.

As a result, I lost track of Battlestar and Nip Tuck but I am watching The Amazing Race. Am I the only one who noticed that they blurred out the crotch of the son who did the gymnastic challenge? What, his cock would have offended America? Only if it were "unamerican"

By "unamerican" I mean "tiny". That Asian brother or the White guy could have become Xtube stars.

Speaking of porn, what happened to the movies that the AMAZINGLY sexy D.O. brought to the show? Just drop them in the mail to me Greg so that I can review them for everyone - no need to bother Derek or romaine about that.

This week's future exboyfriend seen at the top of this post had to be kicked to the curb because he ate crackers in bed and the crumbs kept getting caught in his abs.

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