Friday, April 10, 2009


Okay-I had intended on just staying quiet about this whole "GM" thing, but after his comment on Trucker James' latest blog, I just couldn't keep my fingers still! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE REALITY, GM!!!!! You got too obsessed with DNR. You didn't like what Derek or Romaine was saying about your radio show. Not a big deal, they were giving you their professional opinion and you just do not have the maturity to deal with it! I removed you from my friend's list because you were too obsessed about DNR and not getting what you wanted and just like any little kid who does not get what they wanted, you were in the middle of a big hissy fit. I do not have the time, nor am I inclined to deal with all your drama. GET OVER IT AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE!!

You said something about wanting only what James and Michelle and whoever had with Derek and Romaine, but those relationships took years and personal meetings to develop! You are new to the show and just because you did some guest blogging all of a sudden you have all these demands! IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. GROWN UPS WORK AT AND DEVELOP RELATIONSHIPS.

Now, be a good little boy and learn from this experience. Look for a topic for a radio show, hone your skills on blogspot radio, go to school and get some professional education and GROW THE FUCK UP!!! This is the best and kindest advice I can give you and I think that underneath your obsessive and compulsive exterior, there might just be a sweet kid lurking. I hope so.

Great blog as always, James! I tell you when I talk to you what I think of what you write, but just to show little GM that I can write a nice comment, here it is. You entertain and inform me and I appreciate you-Hugs - Trucker Patti


  1. Trucker Patti, I agree. Thank you to you and James, as well as Derek and Romaine. I just started reading the blog a few days ago. I only caught a little of what was going on with GM but If you are speaking up about it I'm sure what you are saying is well deserved. You, James and the rest of the "Bitches" be safe out there.


  2. Thats kind of it in a nut shell Patti!

  3. One thing about you James, you certainly do not mix your words! hehe


  5. AH, Thank you, Patti. Now that I've become crazy-lesbian-fodder for the show, I'd like to take the time to say YES I met Romaine through the show, HOWEVER, I did not call the show constantly and cause drama, I simply listened and enjoyed myself which is THE PRIMARY PURPOSE of the show itself! I've known Romaine for 5 years, and yes, we are close friends. But we didn't become close friends from stalking and bitching and whining!

  6. Patti, I should have copied and pasted my response from the previous blog-post....but I am glad you were able to post a good response.

    George in SF