Friday, April 3, 2009


Hey Bitches! With all the material I have tried to digest between the Frank DeCaro Show featuring Derek Hartley and the Doria and Romaine Show, I had decided to give each show their own post.

The Doria and Romaine show started off with some half naked unknown drunk lesbians trying to put on headsets and talk on the radio! It ended with Romaine's friend Kristen from Boston and Michelle from San Francisco, both feeling no pain, with some lesbians they picked up but did not have sex with trying to put on the headphones and talk on the radio. THOSE CRAZY LESBIANS AT THE DINAH!!!!!!!

I called the show and told Romaine and Doria that with everything going on in the lobby of the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs, California, this year's home of the Dinah, that Doria should have memoed me about what would be happening. She is too busy having fun and there were some hints that maybe she had imbibed too much last night! So, what follows is a list of the people that I could discern would be there at the Dinah; some would be interviewed, some would not!

This is the list, as best as I can figure out: Katy Perry, the girls from IT Originals, Lady GaGa, the Indigo Girls, Jill Bennett (Cathy Debuono's girl), Shawnee Parkins, Leisha Haley, Elizabeth Keener, Paige Hurwitz, who was doing a documentary about different women coming to the Dinah, and the GLAAD award winning J.D. DiSalvatore.

The three interviews I was most interested in were my two favorite lesbionic stand up comics, Suzanne Westenhoefer,, and Margaret Cho,, and an absoultely fabulous movie star that I fell in love with in the movie "Out at the Wedding", Cathy Debuono, I heard each one of these interviews and was not disappointed by any of them. Doria and Romaine, you ask all the same questions I would. However, I was on hold to say high to Cathy (that is, if I didn't hyperventilate the minute she said "hi", however, I did not get that chance and don't know if I am disappointed or relieved! At one or two places during the interviews, Doria's attention really wandered as she could not help but peruse hot girls!

I am not sure it is such a good idea to set Romaine and Doria loose by themselves again, even with Greg the cupcake as a chaperone! THE BROKE THE HOTEL AND ALMOST KILLED LEISHA HALEY!!! Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. What really happened was that the girls got a major blow job by the desert winds and said wind sent an awning into a skylight that rained glass down on our girls, who, thankfully were not injured. The maintenance man showed up with a ladder and a roll of duct tape and the show went on. How practical-just like a lesbian!

The list of callers, to the best of my memory, which as discussed in an earlier blog, is not the best, were Superfag, who was shuttling lesbians all over Palm Springs, Trucker Rober, spouting football, which really perked up Suzanne Westenhoefer's girl, Jen, who is sports mad, Jarrod, Jeremiah, Trucker Sharon and this is where my memory fades-sorry if I missed you, bitches!

There was one lesbian who called whose name I did not catch, that totally outed Frank and mistakes he made on his show without Doria there! I will not repeat them, however. I am not a snitch!

Another caller wanted to know if the lesbians were hotter at the Dinah, or the Michigan Women's Festival and all the girls agreed it was the Dinah. To many back to nature, hairy lesbians in Michigan!

It was obvious that our "lesbians on the loose" were having a fabulous time and would continue to do so during the rest of the weekend. Romaine will be strutting her stuff on the runway at the fashion show Saturday night and on Sunday is the celesbian dodge ball game which both of our intrepid adventurers will be involved in. The one thing that truly concerns me about the dodgeball game, however, is the participation of my beloved Suzanne Westenhoefer. The woman just gets injured to easily. BE CAREFUL, SUZANNE!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I will get to go next year instead of just blogging about it. See Ya Bitches-Love and Hugs - Trucker Patti

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