Saturday, February 14, 2009

Derek Answers Your Questions!

I want to thank all of the listeners who write to me with questions and comments about the show. I try to answer as many as I can, either personally or in the Monday Mailbag. Here are some recent questions that you may want the answers to as well:

Patrick wanted to know the name of the book I got my roommate Mike for his birthday. It's called The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood. It was just written up in Newsweek and EW, being so timely following US Airways #1549. We are also trying to get the author on the show! Oh and you can hear more about Mike's birthday in my most recent blog entry. And no, for the millionth time, we are not boyfriends.

Corinne wrote to me about Prop 8 and the Salvation Army. In the wave of the Prop 8 vote in California, we talked a lot on the show about organizations and people who supported the vote and who we should not support in return (I'm looking at you LDS!) We also talked about the Salvation Army. Corinne thought there was a connection between the two and wanted proof since her friends were disbelievers. In this case, her friends are correct. The Salvation Army had no direct involvement in the passage of Prop 8. However, we did discuss them as an organization that has a history of not supporting the LGBT community through their work and policies. They came up largely because of the timing (the holidays) when they have their most visible and active fundraising of the year (red buckets and bell-ringers), and we were encouraging listeners to give them anti-discrimination bucks to convince them to reverse their policies. Since the bucks were made available at, I can see where the confusion came in.

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