Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DNR T-Shirts

Hey guys -
I designed a bunch of T-Shirts a while back for Dallas Pride - I had an idea last night and updated one of them to show XM, etc.
Let me know what you think, and if you see any adjustments that should be made!

I'm also going to just make a plain, one-sided simple Derek & Romaine with nothing on the back - should I make them in Black T-shirts or White? (or both?)
Vote with your comment replies - (even if you say you hate it)!

Here are all of the Shirts:
My gallery at Zazzle


  1. Michelle, I still think they're great. I like the DNR on one side and What's your Gay Problem? on the other.

    I might suggest changing the bottom line to read "OutQ - Sirius 109 / XM 98" though, as I think even the news has just started to say "OutQ" for the channel name.

  2. I kind of don't agree with the 866-305-NUTS might go the same route as the T-Shirts from before where people think that your making fun or hatin on gay people....just sayin. I do like the new ones!!!

  3. i so want one it cost too much on da site.

  4. I agree with George, plus listing the phone # might incite a new wave of crank callers. Otherwise, I like all the rest of your designs Michelle. Can you place your DNR designs on baseball caps?? If so, I want one please.

  5. OK - excellent feedback -
    I actually agree, George - I wasn't sure, but I guess it's better to err on the safe side - what about *just* putting the phone number on the back?

  6. Ooooo...just the phone number on the back would be cool cause then they could get some good callers. maybe the time and channels and phone number on the back.

  7. Delayed response to Erick E -
    Check the website again - I put a Trucker Hat up!