Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hot Marines On YouTube.com!

We have talked about this a few times on the show, including again last night, and some of you have had some trouble finding the links to the videos. So here they are:

First, there is the video of the sexy marine thrown into a shower. I think it had a certain homoerotic charge to it, especially when he corners the other marine in the shower and tweaks his nipple. Romaine didn't think it was enough like gay porn, but you can decide for yourself. Post your comments below.

I originally went down a YouTube.com rabbit hole after I was sent the Your Tax Dollars At Work clip, where marines dance around when they are supposed to be working. This video is hilarious and the main dancer, well, let's just say there is something familiar to us in his moves!

There are tons and tons of other dancing Marines, some shirtless, some not. Just keep clicking down the rabbit hole on the right hand side and the next thing you know your entire afternoon is gone. Personally, I still think there is nothing hotter than the boys who did their own version of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. But waste a few hours online and decide for yourself!


  1. Um...that guy in the middle is a surprisingly good dancer.

  2. I love the dancing guy... He's a team player alright... But I agree with Romaine... sexy marine in shower... not so sexy... not enough skin...

  3. Usually when a majority of the Marines have to drag one into the shower, it's because he is a smelly, dirty Marine that wouldn't take care of his own personal hygiene issues... not attractive.

  4. FreakN hot! Showed my boyfriend (Army boi also), and he said that really happens...If it was not for the Don't Ask, I'll join just for this. Lol