Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Wild Opinions

You know me. I am filled with all sorts of gems. I think that deranged octuplet mom should be in jail. I think stupid people with 23 coupons shouldn't be allowed in the self-service check-out line at the supermarket. And when I love something, however irrational (Heather Locklear, 30 Rock, tapioca pudding), I can't help but declare it as loudly as possible. And I love Tom Judson!

Long time listeners of the show are familiar with the adult performer Gus Mattox, who was the titular star of my magnum opus "Big Rig" for Buckshot Productions. I thought I was particularly winning in my 45 seconds of screen time, interspersed with XXX tonsil hockey. And while Gus was pretty good himself (GVN Performer Of The Year, ahem!), I think my Capri pants and shimmery leatherette shirt really stole the show. Gus appeared on our radio show many times and I always loved having him on the air. But more than that, I have enjoyed getting to know him better in our time off the air.

Well, Gus as we have known him is no more. He was long since replaced by Tom, or reverted back to Tom. However you want to look at it. I haven't seen him as much since he went back to his normal life as a civilian. But, there have been a couple of magical moments. I even wrote a blog entry about one of them, after my visit to his place upstate last summer. Well, I just discovered that I (and now you too) can keep up with the further adventures of Tom in his new blog. Tom has always been a terrific writer on his personal website and now he has finally taken a leap into modern times with a new gem which looks to me like a sensation. Check it out for yourself!

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