Friday, February 13, 2009

How many hours a day can Romaine talk?

I was up at 6:15am today otherwise known as the middle of my night because I had to be in the city for an interview on Doctor Radio (Sirius 114, Xm something). I don't know about you but if I actually have to set an alarm I never get a good night of sleep. I think it is an internal fear that the alarm won't go off and I won't get where I need to be on time. So last night, I went to bed around 12:30 and was awake every 20 minutes or so after that. Finally, 10 minutes before my alarm was set to go off I rolled out of bed giving up on the idea that I could actually get any sleep at all. I was in my car and on my way into the city by 7 am. YAY me!

At 9am I went on Doctor Radio to talk about gay stuff. You know being gay, coming out, telling your parents, oh and then being a gay with a kid and we accomplished all of this chit chat in an hour’s time. It was actually a lot of fun. After hanging out with those smarty pants doctors I headed back to Sirius to get some work done.

Doctor Radio = 1 hour of talk time

Life at Sirius is never planned. Sometimes you just get swept up into something and there you go. So I was sitting at my desk talking with Greg when I realized Frank's show hadn't even started yet! WTF? This day started way too early. After a few minutes of planning I joined Greg in walking down to the OutQ studio. Where we had fun playing tricks on Frank. An hour later I was making a frantic call from a bathroom. Frank didn't like the competition it seems.

Frank Decaro show= 1 hour of talk time

Here I sit at my desk thinking about tonight’s show. The doctor radio show I was on is a 2 hour show that airs once a week. Frank Decaro's show is a 3 hour show. MY show is a 4 hour show done 5 days a week. So in a normal week I do (4x5 =20) 20 hours of talking a week! That is except this week where now I will end up doing at least 22 FULL hours!!! I'm no mathematician but holy shit! Who knew I had so much to say?


  1. And you know what? I'd listen to every one of those hours if I could swing it. You crack me right up, Romaine.

  2. Good job on your blog Romaine. Tell Derek to piss off if he criticizes you again on your blog topics. I will listen to Frank's repeat on Sunday to hear you on his show.

    Keep up the great work. Love you both.

    Loyal fan,

    Nick from Los Angeles

  3. Wow Romaine, I'm proud of you you gave 110% this week! I am just listening to last night's DNR on my Stiletto and heard you learning that you had to watch your language on Dr. Radio. Did you succeed? A whole hour without a curse word? 5% of your normal talk time censored! How ever did you manage. I think the extra effort should count at least double ;)

  4. I missed the Frank show this morning because I was home and not in my truck. Oh well tomorrow is another day and I'll be able to take my husband with me. I love all the programing on Sirius and listen all the time when I'm on the road. Keep up the good work.
    As for last night you guys were right on the mark with William>? the recently out guy with a G/P. As a married for 20yrs with 2 kids and one that waited until I was 43 to come out it's true, one can't determine or convince someone to accept you. I lost all my friends but 3 and that is ok, it's their problem not mine. And as for the guy from NJ you guys were again right on. I felt so sorry for the guy and just wanted to let him know, it's ok.. talk with your friends, lean on them, hang in there...

  5. I have just one comment:

  6. This is what I truly luv about the OutQ family. I was pleasantly surprised to hear u this am. I was laughing so hard I had to pull off the interstate. U rock! I think by far that was the best DeCaro show I've heard in along time. Thanks-Driverjon

  7. Romaine, to sleep better next time set your phone alarm, regular alarm, your girlfriend's alarm and set up a wake up call with making it always possible for you to get up on time and get where you need to be. You'll always get up!! Unless of course you die in your sleep.

  8. Hey Romaine, please get over yourself. Hey, don't get me wrong, you do such a great job. But on your show, you know Derek talks most of the time. You have a great ride and you know it. It all balances out in the end you know? Your entertainment improv does rock. Keep it up! Thanks, Jim in Philly

  9. What a delicious treat yesterday morning on Frank DeCaro was!!! I would love to hear a show with just you and Doria! There are some things about Sirius that really piss me off, but then there are the personalities that make me forget I am pissed off at the station. Glad you had to go in early, Romain. You made my morning better! Trucker Patti

  10. hmmm....should we discuss the argument of quality vs. quantity? *grin*