Monday, February 23, 2009

Mission 4: SHOW US YOUR PRIDE!!!


As of Feb. 2, 2009 the Derek and Romaine Show can be heard weekdays on BOTH Sirius 109 and XM 98 from 6-10pm EST! Help us promote the fact that our show is now heard on XM! We want to make sure that all of the XM listeners are aware of the fact that OutQ and Derek and Romaine can be heard on XM channel 98 as well as Sirius 109.

For this week’s mission we are asking all of our listeners to show your DNR Pride! We know many of you listen to the show at home, in your car or at work so we want you to show your pride where ever you listen to the show the most often. Be creative and decorate your car, cubicle, make a t-shirt or put a sign up in your yard just show your love! BUT whatever you do make sure your friends know where they can listen to Derek and Romaine Sirius 109 and XM 98! When you are all done take a picture and send it to us at so we can check it out and post it on the show blog! We will randomly be selecting listeners who have completed this mission and sending them a little reward.

Thanks for all of your help and support!!!


  1. "hear" not "here". That's for Derek.

  2. THANK YOU FOR THAT! I wanted to say that too.

  3. Do you get extra points if you can spell SIRIUS right the first time?

  4. Romaine, why don't you guys record some BEST OF shows on CD, send it to listeners who will then lend it to people who they think might enjoy your show. It could make for some new Sirius and XM subscribers!! Just a thought..