Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tonight's Show

I am never a fan of working on a holiday but we are taking this Friday off as a trade so it's not so bad. Besides, being in a largely deserted office reminded both of us of the good old bad old days when we first started doing our show at SIRIUS back in 2003.

We had a dream guy (Robert Moss) on the show and he did some quick interpreting of dreams for people. We did get some freaky dreams (skinny baby/fat baby and sky raining fire/blood) as well as a gay dream about some homo descending a staircase. That prompted me to start doing Norma Desmond impressions on the webcam in the DNR Chat Room. Susie Bright also dropped by in studio to hang out with us and it was nice to see her in person. She's fun.

The highlight of the night: a listener known only as "Cammer" was hanging out in the chat room. The listeners convinced him to strip off his clothes and then he started to blow himself! I was impressed. He was a hot guy too and he has a nice body. Who is this hunky blondish mystery man? I guess Big Ben has some competition now!

Oh and don't forget to watch this season of the Amazing Race. The first episode had the most hilarious challenge ("Don't let a cheese hit me!") and an exciting finale with a foot race to the end. I even cried when one of the teams arrived on the mat. It had it all!


  1. Fuck Derek I'm sorry. I didn't listen in because I didn't think you'd be doing Monday.


  2. Damn, I'm always in the car when the good stuff happens in the chat room!