Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who Brew?

You know, all these "Mission" posts remind me of Hebrew School.
When I was little, we had these books called "Mission to Mars" that I guess were trying to tell us that Hebrew was really like crazy Moon language, but we had to learn it. The further along you got, the less English there was. Sort of like Derek & Romaine. The further into the 4 hours you get, the less you can understand them.


I'm completely bummed out that I missed yesterday's show. At 3pm I was well into my Housewives of the OC marathon, and hadn't gotten off the couch.

I better go check my newsletter and see what's on today's show. I am going to Ikea tonight so I will probably miss the ending. Will have to set the Stiletto to preserve every word.


  1. I felt old when I babysat the daughter of the woman who used to babysit us. It's funny what makes us realize how long we've been around. But there's nothing wrong with aging gracefully.

  2. Just ask Derek! Sorry to go so off show topic...Thanks Justin!
    -Michelle in SF

  3. no one cares. dnrshow.blogspot.com not michelleinsf.blogspot.com

  4. Hey, Justin cared!
    But POINT TAKEN, even though you're too scared to tell us who you are. Come out of the closet, ANONYMOUS!