Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rosie's Comin'!

I have to admit, I'm kinda psyched to hear Rosie on the show tomorrow. I really do think she's funny, and a good, ballsy interview. I'm interested to hear what she's been up to since she's not blogging, etc.

Anyone thinking about going on the Rosie Cruise this summer?

Today's show was pretty fun - you got to hear the show open with everyone talking about how CRAZY I am - (I believe the word "batshit" was thrown around?) - I swear Derek acts like I am ready for a strait jacket! Thank goodness for my friend Romaine.

What else - OH LOVELY, how could I forget, Romaine talking about getting a handful of SHIT while wrestling with Romie. All I have to say is: GO ROMIE! WOO! (Sorry Romaine - just remember -- the best way to get a kitty to love you is to IGNORE HER!)

Did anyone count how many times she said SHIT during that segment? So frickin' gross.

And then Derek had to add his own Poo Smearing Story to the pile. Who would be surprised after smearing poo all over the walls as a child (and laughing maniacally)that he ended up doing this particular job, smearing poo all over the airwaves! Not me.

There was sex advice (ew.) and then "What's Your Gay Problem" is one of my favorites and you can always count on some callers to make you feel like whatever you are angry about just isn't all that bad. One caller said that he was disappointed that he didn't get to hear Ryan in Connecticut call in. Where's Ryan?

OK that's it for tonight - I'm already up too late - how will I EVER get my 9 hours at this rate? Hmph.


  1. I'll have to tune in to the Rosie interview! I was celebrating my 3 year anniversary with the boy last night and missed the end of the show.

    As for the shit segment. Eww. I seriously had a nightmare last night about potty training a child who decided to shit in the sink. So, thanks to Romaine, I'm really beat this morning.


  2. I thought the Rosie interview was fun--she seems to genuinely like your show. I am not sure about her made for tv movie though--not a big fan of the genre although it's making a comeback!