Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Night Out With Listeners!

Last night, the show ended early, so I decided to go out and have dinner like a normal dignified person. Usually we are done at 10pm which is a little late for most of my friends to eat. But since we were getting off at 8pm while the Laramie Project special aired, there was plenty of time to grab a bite. Most of my friends ended up already having plans, so a night spent with listeners started to form. Steven from Kansas was in town, as was Mikey from Virginia. Damian recently moved to the city from California and we have been trying to meet up for a couple of weeks now. ADD Jeff has been here a while. And John is a local guy who has been listening to the show and hanging out in the DNR Chat Room most nights. We had a lot of fun down at ELMO and then later at Barracuda, and you can CLICK HERE to get the full rundown of what happened at my regular blog. Enjoy!

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