Friday, February 6, 2009

Walk It Out!

Since it came up again tonight after Greg played the song coming back from break, it is worth posting about in the show blog. For some reason, Romaine does not get the magic of Walk It Out. Maybe because she hasn't seen this sensational Fosse video featuring Gwen Verdon and what appears to be two other middle-aged housewives walking it out. It was the inspiration for Beyonce's Single Ladies video and let's face it, it is kind of awesome!

Then again, I do not get her crazy obsession with Yo Stink Bitch from Nip/Tuck.

1 comment:

  1. After watching this Fosse video all I can say is if I was Etta James, that damn Beyonce does nothing original it seems. Stolen dance moves from a video for her new single and then stole Etta's, I mean Nate Cole's, I mean Glenn Miller's song from her movie and then sang it before Prez O. See nothing originsl from BeyO.
    And by the way Derek, Yo Stink Bitch!