Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lies, all Lies. And Luis. (I asked Sam!)

Before I post again tonight, I wanted to make sure I said:


Do you see Stanton in Austin posting on this blog? I haven't seen him. Didn't you hear Derek say that Stanton in Austin was going to post? I did!

This [radio show] is a [radio show] of lies!! (if you know what movie that's (adjusted) from, you get a pr.....well, you get me saying "That's Right! You're awesome!")

I asked Sam how to spell "Luis's" name. Now that I know it's spelled this way, I wonder even more what he looks like.

I think he has a great voice! No detectable accent - personality - very nice! But: Video Game nerd! It's OK, we'll forgive him as long as he's hot.
I asked Derek to post a picture on the Blog ASAP.

I admit I was kind of bummed none of the questions threw him at all. Some listeners definitely went down some scary roads - don't you think??

Well - I better go home now. Night Night Bitches!


  1. Michelle, Stanton seems to have his own super-special VIP blog in a parallel blogosphere. I have to respect that, even as I'm completely confused by it.

  2. Take a Xanax Michelle. I am not speaking for Stanton, but I am sure he'll post when he's ready.

    I missed Luis's segment because I was enjoying a burrito at Pancho Villas on 16th St. We should catch a bite to eat one day Michelle?

    And of course Derek lies. How do you think he got he's gig on Sirius? Seriously. Speaking of Sirius, on the news this morning I learned that Sirius is filing for bankrupty?

  3. I don't know why Stanton hasn't been blogging yet. But whatever, we have other people who are DYING to take his place if he doesn't want to pick up the slack.

    And as for our new intern Luis, he is totally adorable. I had him wave to the gang in the DNR Live Chat Room while the show was going on. If you had been in here (ahem) you could have seen him live for yourself. He might be a little shy though. I have seen some of his online profiles on social networks and none of them have photos. Perhaps he is just a figment of my imagination!

  4. Michelle while I really like you what the hell is wrong with gamers?

    Some of my favorite games are either artistic and smart or as snarky as Derek. One is even a game that can be campy as shit and has some jokeyness that a Gay like Frank DeCaro would eat up! I'm saying this even when he doesn't like video games.

    If you're big into anything artistic or thoughtful you really should reconsider video games Michelle. Sega before Sammy bought them had a pretty big set of steel balls or Ovaries if you will with what they'd put out. Games of note include "Nights! Into Dreams"(Sega Saturn), any of the Panzer Dragoon video games for gameplay and artistic value, Jet Set/Grind Radio(one of the best examples of visually defining Hip-Hop EVER), Rez(it's an experience, just play it), Space Channel 5(some Campy goodness for Gay's and Straight's).

    Also there's "Sega Gaga" which has yet to come to the U.S. While it wasn't officially Sega(Doujin from what I've been told) they saw fit to release it officially from their sales website in Japan. It's called a "Sega Simulation". In this game you play the head of Sega. Granted I have the suspicion it's a bit over the top given that it looks to have an Anime aesthetic from the shots I've seen. Regardless there are snipes or lampooning at Sony under the term "Dogma"(rival corp.). What else? In the original 10K pressing they lampoon a notorious Anti-Alcohol spokesperson there as well.

    Oh and no I didn't mention the game Frank would love yet. Michelle I've barely covered anything in the gaming industry either in terms of more conventional product. Even with Sega some might argue I haven't touched the breadth of Arthouse gaming. It is to be noted Sega put the budget behind the idea while few others have and been so fearless. They exist, they're just few.

    For more traditional, quality examples I would cite "Shadow Hearts"(PS2), "Shadow Hearts Covenant"(to a lesser extent, PS2), "Clock Tower 3"(PS2), "Secret Of Evermore"(SNES), "Final Fantasy Adventure"(GB), etc.

    I didn't even go into the whole list mind you. Those last examples were a smattering of games which I suggested either according to stories or feel.

    Drew from Kansas

    p.s. I just had to mention Yoshitaka Amano for his artistic talent. This is so evident in the character designs of Final Fantasy 6. The man is possibly on par with Da Vinci.