Saturday, February 7, 2009

I sold my Sirius Radio Today... a listener in Tracy whose sister picked it up for him. I sold it on CraigsList, a website that I normally only look at to peruse the "Casual Encounters" section.

Just kidding.

I use it to read just how angry and confrontational Lesbians can be from the safety of their keyboard! Then, I can question my life choices, and wonder if a nice Jewish girl can somehow become a Nun?

Well, nevermind that. I don't think Nuns are allowed to do anything fun. Except sing "The Hills are Alive" and steal peoples fiances! Yeah, baby! Although The Baroness was a terrible bitch! (but her measurements were 36-24-36 according to Hollywood Studio Magazine! va-va-voom!)

OK - so I sold my original Sirius Reciever - it was a little old - the very first one I purchased when Howard first announced he was moving to Sirius. At the time I was completely unaware that there was any such thing as OutQ.

Now look at me. A Derek & Romaine hag.

Unfortunately I didn't get to listen to much of Friday's show. I never like to miss much, because everyone is jussssst a little loopier on Fridays. But then there was the replay of the GLAAD award winning Laramie Project show (go Katie!) that cut everything short.

Ryan in CT didn't let me down - what was he going on about "going to Fashion Week"? I'm still not sure I can quite figure him out (maybe it's better that way!), but he is definitely one of the funnier callers. I thought the interview with Whatshername was kinda boring with Romaine dead-silent and Derek playing the dutiful role of Fanboy. I don't think that she's had that thoughtful of an interview in YEARS!

But, I'm just mean.

(update: the Sally Kellerman interview was much more entertaining on the replay today (Sunday), oddly enough -- so I mostly take it back. Plus, she still looks great. Ranch Dressing!!)

Today in San Francisco it was gorgeous, warm. Tank top and hot pants weather in the Castro, I'm sure. Tomorrow is GLBT Dog Lovers Meetup at a local dog park here in the East Bay. I'll see if I can get George in San Francisco to join me, but he's being a stick-in-the-mud lately! Too busy staying home, getting laid, I bet!!

What are Derek and Romaine doing this weekend?

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  1. Geez Michelle- a "hag" and a "nun"-first of all, nice jewish girls don't become nuns-too much "nun of this"and "nun of that" and nice Jewish girls love "things"! From what Romain says you are very cute, so "hag" doesn't fit either. However, if you put "nun" and "hag" together, you come up with "nag" so, as they say . . . if the shoe fits . . . JUST KIDDING - HUGS - PATTI