Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's the Agenda?

I received the latest issue of Equality Magazine from the HRC and just on the inside cover is an ad from the new Sirius/XM Satellite radio that "The Agenda" with Joe Solmonese and Mary Breslauer is on Thursday 6-8pm on XM Radio - and then it says it's coming soon to OutQ Sirius channel 109!
OK, so it says to "visit http://www.xmradio.com for more information" - and...nothing.

Derek? Romaine? Whasssaaa? Is that going to be going on in the Diana Cage time slut? I mean, slot?

Tonight is all about the Westminster Dog Show , though I'm waiting until tomorrow night's Toy Group to see the Yorkshire Terriers. At least you can count on dogs to look good in HD!

I guess everyone else is watching Heroes - so boring! I mean, what? How interesting. Do you watch that show? What am I missing?

I thought it was cool to hear Kim Coles on the show today. I caught a Living Single marathon the other day and just love her character. Simple, cheerful and funny. What's not to like? Plus I have a huge crush on Queen Latifah. Don't judge me. I can crush on a woman named "Queen".

Let's see - what else happened today? I missed a lot of the show, sadly, because I had to work, and then in the middle of the show was Barack Obama's news conference, and I suddenly felt that I should be responsible and see what he had to say. Silly me!

What did I miss?


  1. Maybe we should get Kim Coles do do a little improve work to liven up Heroes. Honestly that show has gotten SO schizophrenic it's no longer interesting...I'm about ready to "de-prioritize" it on my DVR.

    As for our buddy Joe...I had to wonder if they would eventually move that content over to OutQ, and figured it was inevitable. I guess we just have to wait and see.

  2. I think the problem with Joe and the Agenda was the time slot. His show aired live on a weekday from 5-7pm ET on XM before we came over to XM 98 and obviously that would have cut into Mike's show and our show once a week if we kept it where it was. I don't think the programming folks were wild about that idea because they like consistency day-to-day on our channel. And I don't think Joe wanted to pretape something that wasn't live on the weekends and he didn't want to work on the weekend either. So hopefully something will get worked out. I really think it was just a matter of time and space!

  3. Is he at all interesting?

    (shh! I'm just asking!)

  4. I am going to be seriously upset if Joe "I don't think transgendered people are as deserving or as equal as the rest of us queers" Salmonese replaces Diana Cage. I love all of the current shows on Out Q and you won't hardly find a more dedicated listener, but when Diana was canned, it took the only slightly edgy non white bread queer show off the lineup. Some of us do not fit the 20-40 white gay or lesbian focus group that whatever obviously shortsited program director making decisions there seems to only be interested in. I think your program director forgets just how many truck drivers encompase the listening audience here and how diversely queer they are. Putting Joe Salmonese on after getting rid of Diana would be tantamount to a big FUCK YOU and a kick in the face to those of us who are unique. Your program director needs some Stonewall education!!!

  5. I also don't think Joe is a fit replacement for Diana Cage. It was bad enough that Diana didn't get a proper sendoff; it's a slap in the face to put Joe on in her face.

  6. I for one love the lineup as it is, I agree I miss the Diana Cage show. I too am a truck driver and listen exclusively to OutQ I love the diversity of the shows and what they bring to the table. If the HRC who btw have not done us many favors in the recent past want to air their show they should have their own channel lord knows there are channels out there that aren't worth listening to.

  7. Okay since no one is paying attention to what I said on the air last night or already posted here in the comment section, I will say it again. Joe's show is NOT coming to OutQ. I will repeat it. It is NOT COMING TO OUTQ. It is NOT REPLACING DIANA CAGE. Everyone needs to calm down and stop overreacting. And more to the point, if you are upset at the HRC and gender issues there, take it up with the HRC. HRC policy doesn't have anything to do with programming decisions made here on SIRIUS XM.