Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Inner Frat Boy

I went to lunch today with a lesbian friend of mine. She recently posted a blog entry in her blog about embracing your inner frat boy. I have more then embraced mine. My inner frat boy is front and center for at least 4 hours a day 5 nights a week. But really he is around 99% of the time.

But today my inner frat boy got a real treat. It seems my lesbian friend has a new lady in her life. While I sat and listened to her tales of her new conquest my inner frat boy was at the edge of his seat. The stories of a new romance, lust and all that comes with a new lady love made me miss my active frat boy of old. But knowing that I am not willing to give up one second of my life as it is I was happy to settle with living vicariously through my friend.

When lunch was over I decided to walk back tot he office and I passed a store that had an item in it that I thought Iris would like. Nothing big, just a little something thoughtful. So I went in and bought it. I think my inner frat boy was reminded that even though something new is fun there is nothing a wonderful as what is tried and true.


  1. That's sweet, Romaine. You can send your inner frat boy over here. I'd make out with him and send him home happy.

  2. you know my inner frat boy likes goN n2 da Greek Hall here at NAU, seeN those seminude bois just make u go...LaLa

  3. ahahahaha...gross!

    I'm so happy to read this blog post. I think Iris gets waaaay too much crap - and she even RESCUED you from crap today!!

    I think Iris is awesome. What did you get her?