Saturday, February 21, 2009


I promise that this weekend I'm going to catch up on DnR shows - right now, I'm listening to the show with Mr. Vetchley(?) about money. And how we need to spend it. But don't spend it if you don't have it. But if you can spend it, you should. But if you don't have it, save it, because lord knows the savings rate in this country sucks. But I did love that Derek said they "conducted a 2 hour interview in 14 minutes!!"
I do love that Derek. I have to say that because I didn't hear Romaine, not even once!!!

OK so.
Anyway. So I'm just checking in to say - do people REALLY use the word "TOTES"? Really? Like, I'm so FETCH!

To me, "Totes" are rubber boots that are really thin so you can roll them up and keep them in your purse or briefcase until it starts to rain - and then -- voila! you look like a douche, but you're a douche with dry feet.

OK, I'm "totes" done. Are you guys having a good weekend?

PS - I do have to post soon about My Evening With George in SF and How Michri and Chris TOTALLY BLEW US OFF! I'm not bitter. But you might not be interested...your comments will guide the blog content!!

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  1. I was having a good weekend until I read this blog entry. J/K! Michelle, only people in their forties use the word TOTES.