Monday, February 9, 2009

Hot Boys Get FUCT!

The comedy troupe FUCT is coming back to the show this week. Don't forget to check them out this Tuesday at 7:05pm ET/4:05pm PT. The guys are really cute and as you can see from the photo above that I took at their last appearance, they don't mind taking it all off. The comedy routines they do generally involve some kind of painful act. In this case, it was the Heartstopper, a large board with a long rubber band attached to it at each end. The hot guy (above: Jon Crane) takes his shirt off and puts the board behind his arms, while a volunteer from the audience (in this case, me), pulls the band as far away from him as he can and then let's it go. The band of course then snaps violently into his abdomen leaving a nasty mark. This kind of play is much kinkier than I am used to, but when the guy is this hot and this willing, what are you going to do? Tune in Tuesday to find out what insane antics they will be up to this time!


  1. Thanks for making it so my parents can't read this blog! :-P

  2. great, now I know my parents can NEVER READ THIS BLOG! HMPH!