Thursday, February 5, 2009

We're On XM!

This is our first blog posting and our first week on XM 98. To borrow a tired phrase from Romaine "It's exciting!" We have been buzzing behind the scenes for a couple of weeks now since we heard the news and it has been busy busy busy ever since. I know it is hard to tell on the air since our show is as sloppy and messy as ever, but I promise we are working hard for you!

So we have started this new official blog for the show to keep people updated on the show and to give you more inside scoop on what happens behind the scenes. Feel free to email us here if you have any questions about the show. You can email us at and we will try to answer your question in our Monday Mailbag segment or right here in the blog! We want to hear from you.


  1. I am so excited that you guys are on XM. I used to listen to you all the time when I had Sirius but my new car came with XM so I started writing to both Sirius and XM a lot once Sirius channels began showing up on XM. I am so happy to see that OutQ adn Derek and Romaine have made it to XM. I have told everyone I know that has XM

  2. Hooray for XM!!! For the longest time I could only hear you in my partner's car. Now I can listen all by myself! Yea!